Pinecones and cinnamon sticks

10 days until Christmas!

At the end of November Scott asked me,

“When are we going to get our Christmas tree?”

To which I replied,

“December 1st of course!”

Christmas trees are only up for one month out of twelve so I want to get as much tree time as I can! However, as it happened, we didn’t have time on December 1st so we waited a few extra days.

Decorated Christmas tree

Decorated Christmas tree
My view from the sofa

For the last few years we’ve headed to our local forestry commission tree shop. This one is our biggest yet; sitting just 10cm below ceiling level. Scott was right, we really didn’t need a bigger tree!

Gold glittery bell
Vintage bell
Pinecones and cinnamon sticks
Cinnamon sticks

We have a bowl of pinecones, cinnamon sticks and cloves. Boy does it smell Christmassy. The dish was a house warming gift from family but is perfect for holding all these bits and bobs.

Bowl of pinecones and cinnamon
Pinecones and cinnamon sticks
Cloves in hand
Candle holder
Taper candles

Crochet snowflake garland I made years ago; I still love it. I used Attic 24’s crochet snowflake pattern and Anchor Mercer Crochet Cotton (it’s super thin).

Crochet snowflake garland
Crochet snowflake garland

Bokeh Christmas tree lights

Christmas is only ten days away now, squeeeeee! We’re both really looking forward to spending it at home with our family and stuffing our faces with turkey roast, cheeses and clementine cake (first time making it, wish me luck).

Hope you all have a very merry Christmas!

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3 comments on “10 days until Christmas!

  1. Ho Ho Ho! I wish this came with smellovision!
    You tree looks so pretty – and those snowflakes, always a fave! I think my skills with yarn need to improve before I can make those 😉

    Clementine cake sounds amazing – do you have a recipe you can share with a fellow bed racing veteran?

    Thanks for joining in Baconface – and merry Christmas!

  2. lovely tree and decorations. i have a box of vintage ornaments aka everything the kids ever made, have a fab christmas and new year

  3. We still haven’t put up our tree as we think our new cat is going to attack it! So I have bought a tiny potted conifer and the boys will decorate it later today! I did a proper tree in the gite and added some decorations that I brought back from Mum’s house … it was lovely to see them hanging again as they had laid in their box for many years.

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous 2017 in hte garden and beyond.

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