White clematis flowers

104. How Does Your Garden Grow?

If you’re stopping by today for How Does Your Garden Grow?, welcome! Annie is on holiday this week so I’m hosting number 104. If you aren’t familiar with HDYGG, it’s a weekly linkup run by Annie of Fable & Folk where garden and nature lovers can share photos and have a good nose around each-others gardens. Here’s what’s been happening in our neck of the woods this week.

White aquilegia flowers
Erysimum ‘Bowles’s Mauve’ (left), Aquilegia Clementine (right)

We picked up a few plants from a local plant sale on Saturday and ended up spending the rest of the day in the garden. Scott was building a tool shed for the allotment and I was planting things on and having a bit of a tidy up (aka sweeping up the millions of sunflower seed husks from underneath the bird feeder). This aquilegia was bought from the same plant sale last year. It had finished flowering when we bought it so had to wait until this year to find out what the flowers looked like.

Purple aquilegia flowers
Aquilegia (also known as Granny’s bonnet)

Each flower has deep purple, silky outer petals with smaller white inner petals.

Purple and white aquilegia

This Crazy Daisy came from the plant sale too. It’s nice to look at it but it doesn’t half stink. I really don’t like the smell of big daisies – they smell like musty cheese to me! Still, if I admire it from a distance I don’t have to smell it 🙂

Pot of large daisies

The biggest bargain of all was this forget-me-not for £1! Love the colours.

Blue forget-me-nots
Bluebells in the sun

Our clematis is packed full of flower buds. We trained it up the fence on wire and it really helps the back garden feel fuller and greener.

White flowers creeping along fence
Clematis Montana Miss Christine
White clematis flowers
Clematis Montana Miss Christine

The Nemesia has been making the back garden smell fantastic. If you’re looking for scented plants add Nemesia Vanilla to your list. It smells like super sweet vanilla and the sunnier it is, the more fragrant the flowers become. Few plants smell this good.

White nemesia flowers
Nemesia Wisley Vanilla

Our farm shop was selling little pots of chocolate mint. It smells refreshing but less zingy than normal garden mint and has a rich rather than chocolatey smell to it. I’m going to be putting handfuls of this in Pimms this Summer.

Red and green mint leaves
Chocolate mint

Does anyone know what these purple flowers are? Perhaps lilacs? I trimmed them from a tree growing on a verge and put them on the coffee table. The smell was so strong that in the afternoon a bee flew through the patio door and dipped in and out of a few flowers. It was quite odd to have a bee going about its business inside the house.

Lilac flower in vase
Are these lilacs?

What has been happening in your garden this week? Do you have any grand plans for the next few months? I’m looking forward to reading everyones posts later 🙂

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Thanks for stopping by!

23 comments on “104. How Does Your Garden Grow?

  1. I have linked up a similar post, similar in that I have Granny’s Bonnet growing in my garden and similar in that I needed help identifying things (including the said Granny’s Bonnet). But everything in my garden is self-seeded/wild. Thanks for the tip about the sweet smelling Nemesia Wisley vanilla sounds lovely. I wonder if it grows as far south as where I am on the French Riviera? I think you’re right about lilac, looks like it to me.

    • Thanks for linking up Phoebe 🙂 Nemesia loves the sun so perhaps it would grow where you are. Ours lives in the front garden which is South facing and gets very hot in the Summer. Your self seeded, wild garden sounds lovely!

    • Ah ha – more aquilegias 😉

      • I’m surprised how many people have posted photos of them this week, mostly purple ones too. It’s nice to see!

  2. Thanks for hosting,Gemma. I am just off to market but will pop back later for a proper read. I was going to do a post all about the scents of the garden including lilac, which is your mystery plant, but my blog got hijacked this week 😉

  3. It does look like lilac does it have a lovely smell, the lilac tree we had used to make the garden smell wonderful

    • It smells amazing! Really strong too, I can see why the bee came in the patio doors 🙂

  4. GrannySan

    Love the Clematis , haven’t seen that one before , so will look out for one .

    • It’s a nice one, I haven’t seen many like it. I bought it online from Taylor’s Clematis. This is only its second year in our garden and it’s huge already.

  5. Yes that’s lilac – ours isn’t out yet but it’s beautiful when it is. Those clematis look all very ordered, and I love how they’re growing lined up, def one for the OCD gardener 😉 Thanks for hosting this week lovely x

    • Haha, very true! I’m hoping it will get bushier this year and fill in some of the gaps. Or is that an ocd way of thinking about it…

  6. you got some really different flowers going on. loving the colors and the variety! thanks for hosting today Gemma. xx

  7. Our aquilegias have just started to come out this week but since they have all seeded themselves in my garden I haven’t a clue what variety they are. I’m thinking of starting a bit of a cottage garden next year and daisies were on my list of flowers but I’m thinking twice about them now!

    • Sounds like we both played aquilegia roulette this year 🙂 Maybe you’ll be able find some less stinky daisies – you might not mind the smell as much as me. Good luck with your cottage garden.

  8. Hi Gemma, thanks for hosting this week! I love your aquilegias, something I saw last year and couldn’t for the life of me remember the name of to look out for this year! That’s the beauty of our little yarden spot, something to note for next year!

    • I’m really glad I picked this up. I bought a more ornamental variety (top photo) last year too but I think I prefer the more traditional one.

  9. That Granny’s Bonnet is so gorgeous!!!

  10. so far i’ve come across a single fragranced plant since I’ve been in Dubai. I’ve planted some sweet peas, hopefully they’re scented ones

    • Scented sweet peas were one of my favourite garden plants last year. The ones I planted a few weeks ago are getting bigger, looking forward to them flowering.

  11. Isn’t it funny how Daisies don’t smell as nice as they look? I love the white-ish Aquilegia. I saw some today and was wondering what they were. Also the chocolate mint. I had some a long time ago, but haven’t managed to find a replacement. Thank you for hosting Gemma:-)

  12. I’m dreaming now of gentle breezes filled with the vanilla fragrance of nemesia. Your clematis is gorgeous too. Sorry I wasn’t able to link up this past week – I’m having a nosy around anyway as love catching up on the gardens.

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