Multicoloured hydrangea

131. How does your garden grow?

Good morning! I’m hosting How Does Your Garden Grow for Annie today while she’s jet setting around Iceland. Lucky devil!

Closeup of Eve Price flowers
Eve Price

Hydrangeas are the only thing in our garden worth photographing at the moment. I think they are at their best this time of year because they fade so beautifully. We have two plants; one white and one blue and the petals on both are now completely multicoloured.

Green and pink hydrangea petals
Fading white hydrangea

When the strong winds hit I was worried the branches on one of them would snap so I moved the plant closer to the house. Tucked way at the back away from the cold were these green flower heads.

Green hydrangea petals
White hydrangea

The blue hydrangea heads are now marbled with pink, purple, bright blue and green. And some have turned hot pink around the edges. The colours in this photo below remind of those Zap ice lollies, do you remember them?

Multicoloured hydrangea petals
Fading blue hydrangea
Pink hydrangea petals
Blue hydrangea turned pink
Hydrangea skeleton
Hydrangea skeleton

And just so you aren’t completely overloaded with hydrangea photos, here are a couple of other garden snaps. These are some of the last crocosmia seeds in the front garden; the rest have been scattered to fill in the gaps.

Closeup of crocosmia seeds

These little flowers are called Nemesia and smell like vanilla. They love sunshine and warm weather so I have no idea why they’re still growing in November. It’s freezing.

Purple nemesia

And that’s about all I have to report! A couple of my favourites from last week include Mrs Fox’s Den and a West Virginia garden update. Also congratulations to JibberJabberUK on getting an allotment plot!

14 comments on “131. How does your garden grow?

  1. Beautiful shots Gemma, and I don’t think you can have too many hydrangea shots at all. Thanks for hosting #hdygg x

  2. Thanks for hosting, it’s been an age since I wrote anything suitable for HDYGG but happily linking up today. Hydrangeas are so pretty at this time of year, but funnily enough they’re about the only thing that isn’t flowering in my garden right now! We have one little plant that suffered in the hottest summer on record and is not very happy now! Your pictures are lovely.

    • Hope your little plant makes it! We had a couple that were suffering over the Summer but they bounced back. Fingers crossed the same happens for you.

  3. Fading hydrangeas make my heart sing! I wish mine had had those beautiful colours. I need to get some crocosmia seeds as love to add them to one of our drive’s borders.

  4. Our hydrangeas have taken quite a battering this week with last Saturday’s snow that came and week in the night and frost during the week. In fact the whole garden is looking a bit sad . I feel some winter pots coming on!

    • Good idea! I recently potted up some ivy, heather and cyclamen ready for the Winter. That’ll give me my green fix for the next few months.

  5. Oooh, such lovely photos. xxx

  6. Ooo lovely pictures. I have been admiring the local hydragendas too. There are a few houses near by that have them in the garden as I walk past to go to playgroup. I love how the colour slowly fades to brown. Very pretty.

  7. *implodes with all the hydrangea love in the world*

    Beautiful stuff Gemma – thank you for hosting this week. See you tomorrow! x

  8. beautiful shots. your hydrangeas look a lot better than the ones i see around here. hope you are having a great weekend! xx

  9. vanilla is my favourite scent, i wonder if i can grow Nemesia over here

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