Sweetpea seedling in the sun

152. How Does Your Garden Grow?

Morning all! I’m hosting ‘How Does Your Garden Grow?’ for Annie today. Link up your garden/nature posts below!

Bit of a mishmash for you this week. I’d hoped to get some photos at the allotment but not a lot is happening yet. So I went on the hunt for anything green and colourful. One thing we do have is plenty of seedlings.

Sweetpea seedling in the sun
Sweet pea seedling

This sweet pea seedling has grown from seed I saved from the garden last year. I forgot to soak them before sowing and just as I’d given up hope that they would ever germinate, a tiny shoot appeared! Hooray!! And before long, there were another 19. I have no idea what I’m going to do with so many. Ten have homes already, I might have to donate the others if I can’t find room.

Blue forget-me-not flowers
Runner bean seedling
Runner bean seedling

Our beans are growing fast. Three days ago this runner bean was 1.5cm tall, now it’s 10cm. I’ve been putting the pots outside in the sun during the day so they don’t get leggy. I’m amazed this small seed will grow to be over 2m long and produce mountains of beans in just a few months.

Young broad bean leaves
Broad bean seedling
Reaching seedling
Butternut squash seedling

Butternut squash are without a doubt the happiest looking seedlings. They look like they’re cheering! Does anyone else see it too or am I spending too much time around my plants lately?

Pink apple blossom
Apple blossom

Blossom has appeared on our apple tree. There is a lot of it too so hopefully that means plenty of applies. With blackberries from the raised bed and apples from the tree we will be all the fruit we need to make a mighty fine crumble. Talking of which; check out this rhubarb and strawberry crumble recipe from Riverford. I think Scott’s Mum made it for us a few years ago, it was lovely.

Cowslip flower closeup
Tiny pink buds
London’s Pride
Blackbird with worms in mouth

This blackbird spent the whole of yesterday tirelessly digging up worms and flying off with them in his beak. I think he must have hungry mouthes to feed. He’s quite happy for me to be moving around a couple of feet away too. In other bird news, blue tits have moved into the end house in our sparrow terrace. We might get to see some fat, fluffy babies soon!

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13 comments on “152. How Does Your Garden Grow?

  1. I’m not sure where the robins and blackbirds have nested this year but there’s plenty of activity in the garden at the moment. I keep having to put out their favourite of mealworms. The robin has even started to peck on the fatballs thinking it’s a sparrow! I haven’t thought about growing butternut squash before but seeing your seedling I’m a bit tempted now!

    • Yes we’ve had lots of robins too. We’ve run out of mealworms (so expensive too) so they just have the seed at the moment. I’m pleased with our squash so far, just keeping my fingers crossed they amount to something 🙂 Thanks for linking up!

  2. so much good green Gemma!!! lovely light on them too. xx

    • Thanks Claudia. Spring light is my favourite thing to photograph at the moment. Well, that and lambs!

  3. Butternut squash seedlings do look ridiculously happy!
    That top photo has the most gorgeous light, who knew a seedling could be so photogenic?! Our peach tree has a few blossoms on it, not sure if we’ll actually get any fruit from it though.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks so 🙂 I was tidying up in the garden when I spotted that seedling — in the path of a tiny bit of light beaming through the fence.

  4. I am glad the sparrows are enjoying the sparrow terrace ?

  5. What beautiful photos, your seedlings look very happy and healthy. There’s something so special about seeing seedlings bursting through the soil. I love it! I wish it would warm up a bit so I could get my seedlings outside, I’m running out of windowsills…
    Thank you for hosting #HDYGG

    • Haha! Same here. Our kitchen is starting to look like the Palm House at Kew!! I keep moving them outside every day for a bit of sunshine.

  6. I had to stare at your runner bean seedling when you remarked that soon it would be big and producing lots of beans. Nature really is quite extraordinary in the smallest things. I need to refill all our feeds daily as we have so many wild birds but I haven’t put out any mealworms. Wonderful capture of your blackbird. I saw one poking away in our compost heap today so hopefully he/she found what she was looking for!

    • It’s mind boggling isn’t it. The runner beans have reached nearly 15 cm tall in just a few days. Let’s hope your blackbird found plenty of worms. I think we may run out soon if ours carries on as it has been.

  7. I managed to grow 3 sweet peas this year, but they never flowered, never fear i shall try again

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