Lit Christmas tree

7 days until Christmas

We’re always fairly prompt with getting our Christmas tree up. Usually the first week of December but never before the first. It’s something you only get to enjoy for a handful of weeks out of a whole year so it’s good to make the most of it. One of the best things about decorating the tree is rifling through boxes of decorations you haven’t seen for a while. This year Scott’s family came round and presented us with “Grandma’s balls”. A yellowed card box filled with old baubles – a nice addition to the vintage set Scott’s sister-in-law bought us last year.

Box of old baubles
‘Grandma’s balls’

I struggled with my photos this week. I had an idea in my head of how I wanted them to look but no amount of fiddling with settings helped. Gah! It’s been so flipping dark and I’ve been feeling unsure and indecisive about everything! So they are what they are. Anyway, this is our tree. In previous years we’ve picked one up from the garden centre but this year we visited a forestry commission tree shop. This one is as tall as me but one year I’d love to go nuts and get a 7ft tree.

Lit up Christmas tree

Blurred Christmas lights

Every year we unpack the decorations and I say, “there’s no way these are all going to fit on the tree!”. And every year they do.

Orange slice on Christmas tree

Gold glittery bell
Vintage Christmas bell

Over time our plan is to replace the cheap decorations with something old or handmade, the sort we will keep for many years. Just think, vintage decorations like these have seen decades of family Christmases. If they could talk… It’s easy to trace the history of decorations passed down in the family but I’d really like to know whose had the others hanging on their tree.

Pink and silver vintage bauble
Vintage glass bauble
Baubles hanging on branches
Baubles and bells

My view of the tree from the sofa. Cosy lights, wrapped presents and a good angle to scout out where tree chocolates are hidden. There’s only one left now because we’ve gannited them all and we’re both pretty sure we can’t have eaten that many. Someone has…

Christmas tree with lights
Presents under the tree

We haven’t gone too crazy with decorations around the house. I made a wreath for the front door. We’ve got a wooden nativity set on the landing and in the living room we have some homemade snowflake bunting and a bowl of pinecones, cinnamon and cloves on the coffee table. There are so many things I want to make but every year Christmas creeps up on me and I run out of time.

Wooden deer
Wooden nativity set

Merry Christmas folks!

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12 comments on “7 days until Christmas

  1. It all looks so lovely, those vintage baubles are lush.
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas x

  2. i think your photos are lovely Gemma. love the blurry lights. merry christmas!

  3. My parents have some vintage baubles like those and they all go on one tree with a whole mish mash of decorations that have been collected over the years. The topper is a star which used to have an angel on it but thanks to my brother some years ago now has a photo of Kylie Minogue!

    • That’s how I’m hoping our tree will be one day – although probably without the Kylie Minogue topper 🙂

  4. Love the baubles and how special to have grandma’s balls – have a great Christmas xx

  5. No tree pictures from me as we still have not put up the tree LOL. Surely Christmas is more than a week away ….. isn’t it?

  6. Oooh that little wooden nativity set is adorable! We have decorated our tree, but nothing else so far. I keep seeing all the gorgeous wreaths popping up on blogs / instagram and meaning to go and make one and yet… …
    Maybe tomorrow!

  7. It creeps up on me too, I had such grand plans to make so much this year and actually made not one thing !
    I love your tree and decorations, I have a soft spot for vintage baubles. I too dream of a 7 ft tree, one that makes you um and ah over whether it will fit in the room but looks super imposing and grand!

    Have a very merry Christmas Gemma and love to Scott too X

    (Thanks for joining in again !)

  8. Loving the vintage baubles, it reminds me of my childhood.

  9. we have a lot of decorations on the tree that our adult kids made when they were little, although my 23 yo did point out that he was between 1 and 3 when his were made and added, by the nursery teacher no doubt

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