Calendula flower in the sun

A garden update

Our garden has thrived on neglect this year. We’ve done just enough to scrape by and reign in anything growing out of control. I snapped a few photos here and there — they aren’t in any particular order which is why it looks like all of the seasons are happening at once.

White clematis flowers
Purple heartsease flowers

I love this photo of a pea shoot. I’m a complete sucker for leaves in the sun.

Young pea shoot
Pea shoot

Peas were a first for me this year, they aren’t something I’ve ever grown before. They only grew at all because our friend came round and watered the garden every time we went away (which was a lot!). I’ll be planting more of these next year for sure.

Open pea pod
Fresh peas
Green blackberries
Blue borage flowers

I was given a seed box for my birthday which contained lavender, violas, nasturtiums and calendula. I planted a whole pack of Calendula seeds and the slugs gobbled up all but one plant. A small victory.

Calendula flower in the sun
Purple chive flowers
Chive flowers

Our sweet peas haven’t done so well. We didn’t have many flowers and those that did grow were eaten by slugs. I’ve given up on them now. The remaining flowers have gone to seed and I’ll collect them for next year.

Raindrops on sweet pea flower
Sweet pea

Seeing bees clambering all over our echinacea makes me happy! It’s nearly as tall as me at the moment and there are more flowers than I’ve ever seen.

Bee on echinacea cone
Blackbird stealing blueberries
Blackbird stealing blueberries

Next year I’m thinking about changing things up a little. If anyone has any plant recommendations, I’m all ears.

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4 comments on “A garden update

  1. Beautiful 🌻💐x

  2. It’s beautiful, Gemma.

    My favorite veg to grow is beets, not because I love them (though they’re okay), but because they’re so quick & easy to grow. Plus, it’s kind of 2 for 1 because you can also eat the leaves. And as for flowers, I think columbines (aquilegia) are always a wonderful choice. I am planning to buy myself some yellow ones next year!

    • Gemma Evans

      I once grew some candy stripe beetroot mostly because they looked so nice. And you’re right, they are easy to grow. I have never seen yellow aquilegia but I’ll add them to my list. Thank you!

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