Appleyard luxury flowers

Appleyard flowers

I like having nature indoors all year round. In the Summer it’s easy because the garden is full of flowers but at the moment the best thing on offer is a damp pile of sticks. Well I was a lucky duck this week because some beautiful flowers arrived for me. I can’t stop looking at them!

Purple, pink and white flower bouquet

Appleyard London card

They remind me of my favourite bits of Winter. Cool blues and whites with a hint of frost and ice.

Foliage and lilac rose

My bouquet is chock full of flowers including these ginormous chrysanthemums!

White chrysanthemum bloom
Chrysanthemum bloom

Some dusky pink roses similar to those I saw in a Bergen florist a few weeks ago.

Lilac memory lane rose
Lilac memory lane rose

I love these eryngium. They look frosty and the blue spreads from the flower heads to the leaves. This is my favourite from the bunch.

Deep blue eryngium
Deep blue eryngium

The petals on the eustoma are dreamy; deep purple and they curl around bright yellow pollen.

Purple eustoma
Purple eustoma

I’ve put them in my vintage jug which is just about big enough to hold them all 🙂

Appleyard Mistletoe Christmas Bouquet
Appleyard London Mistletoe Bouquet

My flowers aren’t from Scott, although he was pleased I displayed them on the windowsill because it makes made him look like a really good boyfriend to the rest of the village! They are from Appleyard London, a boutique florist based in London. Where possible and when in season, they source flowers grown in the UK in outdoor conditions rather than in artificial environments.

I’ve featured the Mistletoe bouquet which is part of their gorgeous range of Christmas flowers.

Treat yourself (or someone nice)

I have a gift for you! Get a generous 40% off their entire range (excluding flowers by post) with the discount code BLOG40.

Appleyard London kindly sent me the Mistletoe Bouquet to review. The discount code is a gift from Appleyard London to my blog readers. All thoughts, opinions and photography are my own.


13 comments on “Appleyard flowers

  1. what an absolutely beautiful winter bouquet. i wonder if you can just hang them upside down and dry some of them to keep…

    • That’s a great idea Claudia, I’m going to give it a go. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  2. I’m a complete sap and love getting flower bouquets. (I think I need to leave this post open in front of my husband so he gets a big hint). Beautiful photos Gemma.

    • Haha! I hope you get your flowers! I like having any sorts of plants/flowers in doors. Currently eyeballing some red berries growing over the road to put on the coffee table.

  3. They are absolutely gorgeous, the colours are wonderful. I have had a quick peek at the appleyard website it looks lovely, must go to sleep now as on early shift tomorrow, but will definitely return to their website and explore.

    • I love the colours too 🙂 I think you’ll like the Heritage range, lots of cottagey looking flowers.

  4. Oh, those are just beautiful. They’d cheer me indoors, too 🙂

  5. Such a beautiful bouquet. I love seasonal selections for flowers. Those enormous white chrysanthemums last for ages as well.

    • I hope so 🙂 I’m going to make more of an effort to find seasonal flowers from now on.

  6. Oh those roses, what a beautiful colour. Flowers are so cheering on these dull, wet days.

    • They are! I’ve been moving them round the house with me to brighten the place up.

  7. Oh my how beautiful Gemma! Off to check them out now x

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