Autumn flowers

When you think of Autumn, you tend of think of crunchy leaves and big jumpers rather than flowers. But this Autumn Warmth bouquet is the season all wrapped in paper; oranges, greens and red berries. Delivery coincided with the completion of our new kitchen, so the kitchen windowsill seemed like the perfect place for them. Especially as I intended to spend lots of time in there.

Colourful bouquet

Autumn Warmth bouquet

Tucked inside the box was a leaflet containing some instructions. I unwrapped the flowers and trimmed the ends off the stalks, trying to put them back in the arrangement they arrived in.

Flowers on worktop

Arranging flowers in a vase

And this is my bouquet in all its glory. Matches the kitchen well don’t you think?

Vase of Autumn Warmth flowers

I really love the colours. Yellowy orange in the roses, red in the Hypercium berries and lots of green in the foliage and lilies.

Vase of flowers

Hypericum berries

Closeup of yellow rose

Yellow rose – my favourite cut flower

Wispy flower buds

Eustoma buds

Autumn colour bouquet

View of close lily

Tightly closed lily

A few days passed before the lilies opened, but when they did the whole kitchen smelt lovely. Big, fragrant lilies really bought these flowers to life.

Closeup of white lily

White oriental lily with lilac eustoma

A box of chocolates arrived too so on a chilly Sunday I wrapped myself up on the sofa in a blanket and ate them for lunch! If you can’t eat chocolate for lunch on a Sunday, when can you?

Duc d'o chocolates

Free chocolates!

I’ve been really impressed with these flowers; they lasted for two weeks! The roses lasted for nine days and the greenery and lilies for fourteen days. They came from Blossoming Gifts, an online retailer who specialise in flower delivery and gifts who sell a beautiful range of flowers including flowers by post and cheap flowers for under £20. Many come with free chocolates too.

Treat yourself (or someone nice)

I have a gift for you! Get a generous 33% off their flower range (excludes flowers by post) with the Blossoming Gifts discount code BGIFTS33. Enjoy. x

Blossoming Gifts kindly sent me a complimentary bouquet of my choice (with chocolates) from their Autumn range, in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and photography are my own.


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