Pink roses

Bloomin’ marvellous

Everything is looking a bit soggy at the moment, so instead of posting a garden update this week I’ve got something a bit more cheerful to show you. These photos were taken on our holiday in Norway last week. We were walking around Bergen and I spotted a florist called Toneblomst. The fact that it was pouring with rain was the perfect excuse to stop and have a nose. I forgot to take a photo of the actual shop but this is what they sold…

Pink roses

Looking at these made me feel like it was Summer again. Although I did a double take when I saw that the price for one very small bunch was ~£14!

Red, pink, purple and white flowers

I’m not sure what these bulbs were but they looked nice piled high in a wooden crate.

Flower bulbs in wood crate

Green and pink roses. I’m not normally a fan of pink but I really like dusky/muted pink with green.

Bunches of dusky pink roses

Purple and green hydrangeas. There were lots of these growing in gardens around the city – good reason to move there if you ask me.

Purple and green hydrangea petals

I’m not sure if these are peonies or some sort of roses but again I like the pink and green together.

Bunches of pink peonies

I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for some of these frosty looking plants. We have lots of heather in the garden, the two plants make a good pair.

Heather and white leaves

These berries made me feel Christmassy. Is October too early to say the c-word?

Pink berries and green leaves

More roses! They didn’t sell any of the orange, hot pink or yellow varieties we get in our supermarkets and florists. Instead, all the colours were very muted. These green roses were my favourite because they looked really fresh and remind me of Spring.

Bunches of mint green roses

Love the bright colours in these bunches against the brown paper wrapping.

Bunches of orange and yellow flowers

If I hadn’t been on holiday and money was no object, I’d have bought one of everything from this shop!

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