Birthday blooms

I turned thirty two this month, woooo! Our lovely friends had a bunch flowers delivered to say happy birthday. Since the garden has zero colour at the moment I thought I’d share some photos of them instead, they’re beautiful. Much nicer than our swampy looking garden — even the once interesting seed heads have turned to mush.

Closeup of purple anemone


Pale pink rose petals

Blush rose

Hyacinths! Seeing them reminded me to check the hyacinth bulbs in the garden. Tiny buds are forming in the centre of the leaves; not long until they flower now. Can they be moved indoors to flower after living outside, or will that shock them?

Pale purple hyacinth


Anemone centre

Can’t get enough of these anemones; rich colour and big blousey petals.

Anemone petals

Tiny white flowers

Pale pink rose bud

During Winter you get use to everything been green and brown, but these flowers are a reminder that it won’t be long before our gardens are waking up again. I need to think about ordering some seeds and a few bedding plants to fill our troughs. One of my birthday presents was a beautiful box of seeds containing viola, calendula, nasturtiums and lavender — all of which are edible. Every year I say I’ll get organised but Spring always creeps up on me.


    • I am too. I have all these ideas, dither over ordering the seeds and then it’s all system go because Spring has started!

  1. Belated birthday wishes oh bacony one!
    What beautiful flowers – love the detail on that anemone close up. I’ve no idea re: the hyacinth but you bets bring it in else I’ll be out these face planting it 😉

    Thanks for joining in again!

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