Dew on soapwort petals

Bit of a jungle

Our garden has thrived on neglect lately. I’ve only had a tidy up twice since the Spring and that was mainly because things were starting to grow over paths and the front door. But you know what? It’s looking pretty good. These photos were taken in the morning shade.

Now the back has filled out, most things growing are perennials. Compared to last year there is less to do; at that point we were converting it from a vegetable garden and using annuals to fill the gaps.

Blue borage flowers
White feverfew flowers

I didn’t actually plant these nasturtiums. Last year they got out of totally control and I swore I wouldn’t plant them in the raised beds again. But here they are; the seed must have been in the soil from last year.

Orange nasturtium
Nasturtium flowers
Dew on soapwort petals
Pink and yellow gladioli
Purple pennyroyal flowers

An unexpected good thing happened last week. A friend gave us a load of free begonias, petunias and geraniums! She had been given more than she could plant so she shared them with us. I was so pleased and best of all, it helped fill pots where things had died and hadn’t been replaced.

Purple petunia
White geranium flowers
Orange begonia flower

Much to the disappointment of the bees, our oregano has finished flowering. The marjoram has taken its place and is covered in these tiny pink flowers.

Pink marjoram flowers
Marjoram flowers
Fading hydrangea petals

You wouldn’t know everything is a bit rough around the edges from these photos as I’ve focused in on the best bits 🙂 I really do need to sort of the overgrown buddleia in the front though, Scott has started jumping over the wall so he doesn’t have to fight his way past it.

6 comments on “Bit of a jungle

  1. the borage is wonderful, it looks like it’s going to pounce on something

  2. Mine has been really overgrown this year too (mostly as a result of being too pregnant to weed and not being able to convince my hubby that weeding a garden in a house we’re about to sell is a worthwhile way to spend his time!) But I think I’ve ended up getting a few plants that I would have normally accidentally weeded out, so it’s been quite good…

    Love all these shots, especially that glorious borage. Have you found it’s taken over your garden? I bought a pack of seeds last year but never planted them as someone told me they would smother everything else out and become like weeds…

    • Yes, the borage has turned in to a monster. I bought a tiny plant last year, it died back and has self seeded with a vengeance. The plants growing now are nearly 1.5 metres tall!! It’s always buzzing with bees though so I have left it in. As long as I take out any rogue seedlings next year I think we should be okay.

  3. you have a beautiful garden Gemma. and how wonderful that it has just done on its own. happy weekend!

  4. I’m sure the early wet Spring was the nail in our weeding coffin!

    Your garden is full of colour still, good to see 🙂 And if you could video Scott hopping over the wall to dodge the buddleia so that we can make it into a GIF to take over the interwebs that would be smashing 😉

    Looking forward to the Making Winter Retreat – it’s not long now!

    Thanks for joining in again my bacony friend.


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