Person on top of rock stack

Bodmin Moor & the Cheesewring

Summer evenings are my favourite time to get out and explore. I prefer the cooler temperatures and the warm light makes everything look incredible. One evening this week we went for a sunny walk on Bodmin Moor to find the Cheesewring — sadly not a giant wheel of cheese but a stack of seven ginormous granite slabs. I know it doesn’t sound as good but wait until you see it!

First farmed over 4000 years ago by bronze age settlers Bodmin Moor is of one the last great unspoilt areas in the South West and much of its prehistoric and medieval past remains untouched by the passing of the centuries.

Thick rushes on moor

Our walk to the Cheesewring took us through vast open moorland littered with lumps of granite, bogs and grasses. We even rescued a tiny frog. I say rescued but hopefully we didn’t just walk it back to the bog it hopped away from.

Meadow grass in the sun
Meadow grass
Windy tree
Windswept tree

Rushes in the sunlight

This is the Cheesewring (below). I don’t think this photo does the scale of it justice so you’ll just have to believe me when I tell you it’s a monster. In places, the slabs are supported by only a few centimetres of rock underneath.

All the heaviest and largest of the seven thick slabs of which it is composed are at the top; all the lightest and smallest at the bottom. It rises perpendicularly to a height of thirty-two feet, without lateral support of any kind. The fifth and sixth rocks are of immense size and thickness, and overhang fearfully all round the four lower rocks which support them.

Stack of stones
The Cheesewring

Further along is a stack you can climb up and pose on! Love the sun rays in this photo.

Person on top of rock stack

People on Cheesewring

Or, like Maisy, you can sit at the top and just admire the view. It was still pretty hot so it wasn’t long before we headed back down to the shade.

Dog on cheesewring
Admiring the view
Stacked rocks
The Cheesewring

Looking over Bodmin Moor

Views over Bodmin Moor

Pretty special views, don’t you think?

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3 comments on “Bodmin Moor & the Cheesewring

  1. Gorgeous photos, Gemma! That one of the sun rays? WOW!

    • Thanks Cerys! I’m really pleased with the sun rays photo, makes it’s look like we were on top of the world 🙂

  2. it sounds and looks amazing! although, yeah, not cheese 🙂

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