Book fair gold!

I recently picked up a piece of illustration gold from a book stand at our local fete. A copy of Alice Through the Looking Glass from 1959! The book is in pretty good condition considering its age; the spine is tatty but everything else is intact. I wanted to show you a few of the beautiful illustrations.

Illustrated book cover

Cover: Alice Through the Looking Glass, 1959

Illustrated kitten

Illustrated by Libico Maraja

Publishing blurb

Vintage illustration of old man

The Aged Aged Man

Illustration of girl and sheep

The sheep in the shop

Illustrated people

Tweedledum and Tweedledee

Illustration of Alice with deer

Alice and the Fawn

I love the layers of texture and colours in this illustration of the garden!

Illustration of Alice in garden

Alice in the Garden of Live Flowers

The illustrations below are from a 1968 copy of Alice in Wonderland and were printed on the end papers of books in the Rainbow Story Book series. Not part of the story but nice nonetheless.

Black and white illustration

Rainbow Story Book series

This book belongs to

Good finds don’t you think? I don’t remember reading Alice in Wonderland as a kid although flicking through the book, a few things looked familiar. I’m pretty sure we had a VHS copy at home when I was growing up. VHS! The days of having to wait ages for a whole tape to rewind when you wanted to watch something because you chucked it back in the box at the end last time…


  1. I love this. These pictures remind me of books I used to read of my Grandmothers at her house. My family are big believers in never throwing books away so between us I think we have a few gems like this! Good find.

  2. I have a few shelves of children’s books handed down to me from my mother and grandmother and love looking at the old illustrations. This is lovely find of yours!

  3. Rhonda Meyer

    My grandfather bought me this very same book in 1959, I was 6 years old I am now 63 and I still have my book. it is slightly tattered at the binding but still in pretty good condition everywhere else. It is one of my best treasures.

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