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Breast Cancer Awareness in October

Melons, tatas, love apples, tittyboppers, hooters, baps, mammaries, gazangas… whatever you call your boobs, they are the focus in October for Breast Cancer Care Awareness Month.

Sadly many of us know of someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer; whether it’s a friend, relative, colleague or friend of a friend. But how much do you really know about it?

Breast cancer awareness In October

Now before you start running outside, unbuttoning your shirt and bearing all to show support, remember there are other ways to help!

  1. Take part in a fundraising event called The Big Pink; every penny raised will help Breast Cancer Care support people with breast cancer from day one.
  2. Do you own fundraisingStrawberry tea? Yes please!
  3. Or make a donation.

Breast Cancer Care are the only UK wide charity providing care, information and support to people affected by breast cancer.

In Collaboration with Breast Cancer Care. Opinions, thoughts and illustration my own.

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  1. Love this Gemma x

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