British picture frames

I bought Scott some letterpress prints for his birthday last year. They weren’t a standard size so we didn’t get around to buying frames for them and they got tucked away for safe keeping. When we moved we decided it was finally time to get these prints on the wall. Our first port of call was Tony Geddes, a picture framer based in the Farnham Maltings.

Dark wood picture frames on wall

Tony made our bespoke frames by hand and colour matched the wood furniture we’d bought for the living room.

Handmade picture frames

They are perfect. So neat and well made and the style really suits the prints.

Dark wood picture frame, UK made

Meet Tony Geddes

I thought you might like to see where our frames were made and have a nose around Tony’s studio! It’s a creative space tucked away in the East wing of the Farnham Maltings and is an Aladdin’s Cave of materials, frames and art prints.

Tony Geddes picture framing studio

There are odds and ends and frames in progress all around the studio.

Tony Geddes, picture framer

Picture frame wood

He has a wall of pictures behind an area where you can buy ready framed art prints.

Tony Geddes picture framing studio interior

If you are looking for British picture frames you can find Tony’s details here.

P.S. If you like the typographic prints you should check out A Two Pipe Problem Letterpress. The prints were limited edition so they don’t make the ones we have anymore but you might find something else that takes your fancy!

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