Christmas wreath

Our Christmas wreath

Tis the season to make wreaths! I normally collect things from the forest but this year I decided to make a hedgerow wreath with plants from the lanes. It looked great in my head. Sadly, nature had other ideas because there wasn’t much around at all. I was about to give up when I spotted these dried hydrangeas.

Dried hydrangea flowers in the sun

Nearly all the rosehips had gone/were looking mouldy so I only managed to pick a few. I found plenty of holly and pine along the lane opposite the house and lucked out on the tree round the corner full of little red berries.

Red berries on the ground

The ring is made from sticks I collected. You can buy proper wreath rings but I relish the fiddly task of weaving all the sticks around each other. It starts off looking like a horrible tangled mess but it’s not long before they form a nice round shape.

Ring made from sticks

Ta-dah! This is the finished wreath…

Green wreath hanging on red door

Thankfully we haven’t had any birds flapping at the door trying to peck all the berries off!

Closeup of berries on wreath

I love how these hydrangeas poke out and catch the sun.

Dried hydrangeas on Christmas wreath

Closeup of pine and holly

I’m really pleased with how it turned out and the green looks so Christmassy against the red front door. Next year I want to try and make seasonal wreaths; it seems a shame to only have one at Christmas. Plus we hammered a nail into our front door… it would look better with something hanging on it 😉

Merry Christmas folks!! x

18 comments on “Our Christmas wreath

  1. Oh Gemma it looks absolutely beautiful! X

    • Thanks Jena 🙂 Wasn’t as fun making it without you and Kat and a trip to the woods!

  2. Gorgeous wreath and gorgeous pictures. Brilliant how you managed to collect and make everything yourself for the wreath. Feeling inspired now to try and make one with the kids this weekend (famous last words).

    • Thank you Kriss! Go for it, I’m sure there are plenty of things to use still. I keep finding holly with berries on since I’ve made this one. If only we had somewhere to put a second one…

  3. That’s brilliant – love it! And I’m with you on more wreaths through tour the year – you gotta make use of that nail! 🙂 #hdygg

  4. So beautiful! I love that you actually hand-tied all those sticks, what an art…

    • Thanks Sabrina! It was quite relaxing until I realised one of the sticks was laced in thorns…

  5. It looks absolutely gorgeous! I can see why you’re so pleased with it! x

  6. Wow, that is amazing, it looks wonderful against your red door. You’ve done a really lovely job. Where we live seasonal wreaths are very popular, and it’s lovely to see the colours and designs change with the season.

    • That’s what I think too. There’s an old lane in town and a few people have wreaths up all your round. It’s nice to see.

  7. Oh my that’s smashing Gemma! I love the golden hydrangeas, they add a different element to it. You have the skillz missus!
    I am feeling so ready to get festive tomorrow now – thanks for that Gemma – Merry Christmas xx

    • Ah thanks Annie 🙂 You know me, can’t resist a hydrangea! Tomorrow is my last day of work for the year so I’ll be feeling festive too. Ho ho ho!

  8. Looks absolutely beautiful, perhaps we could make one together at some point, yours looks so much prettier than any others I have seen, the photos show the detail so clearly. Merry Christmas x

  9. How clever, this looks so very effective and festive!

  10. That’s just beautiful, I love the contrast of textures. Looking forward to seeing what you do for other seasons!

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