Yellow daffodils

Colour hunting

Somehow a month has passed since I last posted anything for hdygg. A month! Not a lot is going on outside at the moment but I managed to find a few gems. Like the erysimum that has not stopped flowering since last Spring. It’s absolutely covered in tiny buds too. Although we’ve had a few cold snaps, overall its been a very mild Winter – at least down South anyway.

Purple flowers
Erysimum Bowles Mauve
White heather flowers
White Autumn flowering heather

Daffodils have sprung up in the front garden around the tree. Every year I forget where I planted them until they appear again.

Daffodil heads
Narcissi daffodils
Duksy pink Christmas rose
Christmas rose

Isn’t the colour of these crocosmia shoots amazing? Two years ago we had five plants, now we easily have a couple of dozen. They’re like triffids.

Green shoots in soil
Crocosmia shoots

Pulmonaria may be common but it’s one of my favourites. One of the first plants to bloom in the Spring and the flowers change from pink to purple/blue as the season goes on.

Pink pulmonaria flowers

Yellow daffodils with orange centres are the best!

Daffodils with orange centre

Look what arrived! My seeds!! Now I really need to sit down and write a plan of action to make sure everything is sown when it should be.

Row of seed packets

That’s about all I have for this week folks. There’s not much substance to this post but getting out to take the photos helped me see that something is actually happening in our bog of a garden afterall. Hopefully the weather will stay good over the weekend so I can get out there and do some pruning/tidying. Fingers crossed.

11 comments on “Colour hunting

  1. beautiful! it’s so nice to see color. everything outside here is still so brown and drab

  2. Oooh my wallflower looks the same and has been doing the same too! Now completely covered in brand new little buds all over, it hasn’t stopped flowering for about two years straight I think. It’s pretty impressive…

    Hope all’s been well with you this Feb. Must go and take some photos in my garden soon too!

    • Two years!? That’s crazy. Perhaps by the end of the year I’ll have caught up. Look forward to seeing your garden photos.

  3. I’m with you on the daffodils with orange middles! I love the Pulmonari, so pretty. How are the birds doing in your garden?

    I have literally no idea where February has gone, it’s shot by in a flash. Totally believing in a conspiracy theory that time speeds up as you get older…

    Thanks for joining in again lovely x

    • They haven’t been around that much – it’s been so mild I think they don’t really need the extra food from our garden. Hopefully they’ll come and nest in the sparrow terrace this year. Ditto on February!

  4. Oh seeds are exciting. I aim to buy mine next week. Getting excited about the new garden. Yours is looking lovely 🙂

  5. Oooh seeds – mine arrived last week too and when I am done on here I really must go and sow chilli seeds. You are right about #HDYGG and it certainly inspires me to go and get things done!

    I had to google Erysimum Bowles Mauve and see it is a perennial wallflower. That is amazing that it has flowered for so long.

  6. I love the daffodils with the orange centres! And I just double checked after reading this and my Bowles Mauve are still flowering too!

  7. love the erysimum, i’ve seen those in gardens in the UK, it’s lovely how it has been flowering since last spring, the orange centred daffodils are gorgeous

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