Colourful round rosehips

Confused November garden

Two words that best describe our garden at the moment – soggy and confused. Does anyone else have Spring bulbs popping up already? Our geraniums are flowering again after wilting at the first sign of cold a few weeks ago. In contrast to that we have berries, rosehips and seed heads. What a mixture! So this week I am ignoring all of the sogginess and focusing on the nice things.

Red Zinnia flower
Red Zinnia

These pyracantha berries – wow! Its been worth waiting two years for them to appear. It won’t be long before sparrows devour the lot but we planted it to provide food for garden birds so I’ve been under no illusions the colour will last all Winter. Apparently an abundance of berries means a cold season ahead. I don’t know if it’s just an old wives’ tale but we shall see.

Plump red berries
Pyracantha berries
Wet coreopsis bud
Coreopsis bud

Cyclamen is always a sure sign Winter has arrived. It’s a pretty amazing plant really; quietly thriving at a time when not much else will grow.

Pale pink cyclamen flowers
Fat rosehips
Rosehips – Laura Ford rose
Pink clusters of flower buds
Eve Price buds

Scott’s Mum gave us five crocosmia bulbs for the front garden when we moved in to this house. The number more than doubled after the first year so I’ve been keeping an eye on the pods, waiting to collect the seeds and scatter them in the right place. Hopefully this will mean they don’t all fall in one area and overcrowd nearby plants.

Crocosmia seeds in pods
Crocosmia seeds

Granddad’s geranium died back completely when we had our first cold snap. Now it’s back!

Pink geranium flowers

The strong wind has played havoc with my seed savings efforts. Many seed pods have been strewn across the garden and turned to mush after days of rain. These are love-in-a-mist pods and I’m storing them in an open jar to dry. Some will be blue, some will be white but I won’t know what I’ve got for sure until they flower next Summer.

Seed pods in jar

If any of you are interested, I’ve written a post about helping garden birds over the Winter. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any good tips or recommendations!

10 comments on “Confused November garden

  1. that is so crazy that things are blooming for you already. your garden still looks lovely and filled with color. i miss having color in the garden. xx

    • Thank you Claudia. As soon as more cold weather arrives these plants will realise they are several months too early!

  2. Oh I am partial to a nice pyracantha *said in best Wallace and Grommet accent*
    My mum planted them around her garden by the fence to deter cats jumping down into the garden and it seems to have worked – so I am all over that next year as we have a stray crapping cat paying us a visit at the moment.
    It’s not just the garden that’s soggy and confused – that describes me most afternoons on the school run 😉
    Lovely to see happy colours out Gemma – thanks for joining in chum x

    • I can see why, pyracantha are really spiky! There’s lots of swearing when I remove dead leaves from the pot for this very reason.

  3. are these plants late to bloom or early? the weather around the southern hemisphere has been bizarre also

    • Some of them are about 4 months too early. We keep having mild weather with cold snaps in between – I think this is why the plants are a bit confused.

  4. I seem to remember writing about such strange goings on last November! My geranium never died even when it got covered with snow several times. It is still flowering now along with the fuchsias. I’ll how they fare after this weekend’s forecasted cold snap.

  5. It is so mild isn’t it. I have bees and they don’t seem to be reducing their numbers as they should be this year, so I am a bit confused about how much I should be feeding them. I rather like those pyracantha too, I’m looking for hedging for my garden there is a lot of bare wood fencing at the moment.

  6. Our pyracantha safe also full of berries, and while they’re cheery and good for the birds I’m hoping that old wives tale isn’t true. Although if it is there’ll be some fab photo ops, and my geraniums are flowering still. I’ve taken some cuttings and am hoping they’ll over winter X #hdygg

  7. all this talk of winter is confusing me, it’s winter in Dubai but temps are still in the high 20s and won’t really drop much more. Our garden is full of colour and i’ve got some tomato plants on the go ready for next weeks blog post

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