Blue hydrangea flowers

Cornish hydrangea mania

If you don’t like hydrangeas look away now…

Hydrangeas are one of Cornwall’s best features in my opinion. They are everywhere. So much so that I’m starting to wonder if you can only successfully integrate into Cornish society if you own one. Flying the flag without flying the flag, or so to speak. Do you remember the heatwave we had in July? Well I ventured out in the searing hot sun with my camera to take photos of these beauties growing in Cornish gardens.

Opening hydrangea flowers

Blue hydrangeas on wall

Hydrangeas against sky

Blue hydrangea flowers

Closeup of hydrangea flowers

Blooming hydrangea flowers

A family member told me she doesn’t see the appeal of hydrangeas (shock horror). Her comment got me thinking about why I like them so much; for me it’s the colours and the fact they are photogenic all year round. For any Brits reading, do they remind you of Pat Butcher?

Hydrangea bush
Hydrangea flower centres

Bright blue hydrangea flowers

Purple hydrangea heads

I’d originally planned to share these photos on a cold, grey day in Winter but I hadn’t managed to get out in my garden this week, so here they are. I think the electric blue is my favourite.

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11 comments on “Cornish hydrangea mania

  1. He he I get the Pat Butcher link but I don’t know why???

    • Haha! For me, it’s because Pat Butcher always wore slightly garish colours and hydrangeas are similar colours. Especially the bright pink flowers, they match that coat!

  2. stunning photo’s i really like the bright blues

  3. Ha ha Pat Butcher!
    I’m totally going to see her face every time I see them now! EVERY TIME.
    The blue are my faves too – pale ones especially.
    Cornwall is just the best, funnily enough where we were in France was a hydrangea-zone too. Kinda heaven *swooooooon*
    Thanks for joining in again oh bacon loving one x

    • I think it’s the garish colours she always wears. The shade of pink on that raincoat is almost an exact match of the pink hydrangea heads! Haha!

  4. We had a hydrangea next to our front door of my childhood home and I always loved it It was a white lace cap and like you say, was interesting all year round, especially in winter when other flowers had snook back underground! It is also the detail of the flowers I like so much but if I had to have just one plant it would have to be that white lace cap I remember so well … or maybe the mauve one I have seen at my friend’s house? (Now, when do you take cuttings for hydrangeas?!)

    • That’s a nice memory 🙂 I have a vague recollection of seeing a blue one in my grandparents’ garden when I was little. I’d have one of every colour if we had a garden big enough. Maybe one day when we get our forever garden. I’m not sure about the cuttings but it’s a good idea — I will do some research.

  5. i really fell in love with them this year. there are so many where we live! i love how many different kinds there are and how long a hydrangea bush will stay in bloom. i love them!

    • They’re definitely a benefit of living somewhere cooler than Miami. Miami may have the sea but it’s lacking in hydrangeas 🙂

  6. I mentioned how hydrangea ‘s seemed to be everywhere when we visited Cornwall in one of my last posts. They really are just everywhere, aren’t they? Definitely a “flying the flag” thing! Gorgeous photos, Gemma. Pat Butcher!!!!! HA!!

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