Cows. Large and starey

A couple of weekends ago I went blackberry picking with friends. The last part of our walk involved getting through a cow field. Now, from a distance cows don’t bother me. I’ll freely declare I’m not scared of cows and that we should ‘just go for it’. But actually when I’m close enough to make eye contact it’s a different story. I remember an episode of 999 lifesavers (remember that?) I watched as a kid with a reconstruction of a man getting trampled by a herd of cows! Although they look like slow docile creatures you can never tell what they’re thinking. They have one face for all emotions – it’s disconcerting! Anyway, enough about that. I’m pleased with my photos so I thought I’d share them.

Staring cows

As you’ve guessed, we made it out of the field alive! They were too busy eating grass and pooing on eachother to pay much attention to us. Once we’d got over the stile to the other side of the fence they became very curious and jostled their way to the front. So we stood and watched them for a while.

Cows peering over fence

Cows at fence

^ Did you notice the cow on the right with the face like a zebra?

Pink cow nose

Sitting cow

We aren’t sure whether they are meat or dairy cows. We buy our meat from a local organic beef farm so it’s likely we’ve eaten an animal we’ve seen roaming around at some stage. It’s a bit of a sad thought.

Group of cows

Pale brown cow

This one has lovely eyes!

Cow looking through wire

This ended up being a bit of a random post. Originally I was only going to share a few photos but I got carried away with thinking about 999 lifesavers and the more menacing side of cows. After which I spent about half an hour looking at cow photos trying to work out whether they were dairy or beef cows. I’m still none the wiser… all cows look the same. Large and starey.


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