Crochet bunting for the shed

At the weekend we put some hooks up in the shed to hang tools from. Scott asked me what we could put on them and I jokingly said “wool bunting!” to which he replied “yeah okay”. Within a few hours, my hooks and wool were out and the crochet bunting was taking shape.

I used Bunny Mummy’s pattern for Colourful Crochet Bunting – this link contains the pattern and step by step instructions. The only modification I made was a single crochet in each stitch for the edging and slip stitched each triangle onto a long chain.

Green and purple triangle crochet bunting

Triangle crochet bunting

I have a basket full of wool from various projects so I decided to stash bust some of the leftover wool from my Nan’s blanket. I liked the slightly curved edges, so when I blocked I didn’t stretch the triangles overly tight.

Triangle crochet bunting

It’s been a while since I made anything for us/our home. I’ve been so caught up with making things to sell, I’ve neglected crafting for no purpose other than because I want to. And a shed doesn’t really need bunting but doesn’t it look so much better with it? It adds a splash of much needed colour to our work in progress garden.

Hanging bunting in shed window

Bunting hanging in shed window

I present to you… the shed of glory.

Crochet shed bunting

Crochet bunting in our shed

Okay, maybe a bit over the top but you have to admit it makes sheds more fun.


    • I’d recommend it to everyone, it’s really relaxing and gives you so much creative freedom!

  1. This is gorgeous ! I love it.
    When I bought my sewing machine, I did some japanese curtains for our shed. Completely useless, but it adds a little something 😉

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