Crochet baby blanket

Crochet diamond baby blanket

It may sound like I’ve had a super productive start to the year but I actually finished this crochet baby blanket back in early December. Our friends had a baby boy and we gave them some presents to welcome him into the world; something shop bought, something handmade. But what to make a tiny baby? Well, blankets are always useful (I suppose my love of blankets makes me a bit biased). Especially when you’ve been born in December!

Ball of pale blue wool
Rico Baby in Ice Blue

Finding the right pattern took me a while but the simplicity of Olga Poltava’s Diamond Stitch Baby Blanket (see pattern notes below) won me over. Scott had a conference in London one weekend so I visited the haberdashery department of John Lewis on Oxford Street to find some suitable wool. I was in there for ages – partly because I got distracted by beautiful wool I wasn’t actually going to buy! So. much. choice. This Rico baby wool ticked all the boxes; soft, gentle, machine washable, decent colour – I don’t know about anyone else but I’m not a fan of all the bright pastel shades for babies.

Wool blanket with diamond pattern
Crochet diamond baby blanket

Crocheting this pattern was really enjoyable. Easy to follow and once I’d crocheted a couple of pattern repeats I didn’t need to look at the instructions anymore. The size of the finished blanket is adaptable: multiples of 10 + 7 for the width and 10 rows for the diamonds.

Crochet diamond stitch

Scott’s Grandparents bought me these “Handmade by Gemma with love” tags a couple of years ago. They’re really handy; I sew them into things I knit or sew for other people so they know it’s handmade.

Handmade by Gemma tag
‘Handmade by Gemma with love’ tag

Blanket hanging on door

For the edging, I added a few extra rows of single crochet to create a thicker border.

Closeup of crochet diamond
Crochet edging

Big Bear has been my companion for 31 years. He was bought for me when I was born and is something I’d never get rid. I’m hoping this blanket will hang around for a while. Eventually becoming a blankie and when that is outgrown, this blanket might become a blanket for a cuddly toy.

Teddy in blanket
“Big Bear”

I’ve starting started reading Yokes by Kate Davies. Lots of beautiful photos of knitwear!


  • Pattern: Diamond Stitch Baby blanket by Olga Poltava
  • Wool: Rico baby Classic DK
  • Wool colour: Ice Blue (023)
  • Balls: 5
  • Crochet hook: 4mm

24 comments on “Crochet diamond baby blanket

  1. That blanket is beautiful!

  2. This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  3. This is a really beautiful blanket. Thanks for including the link, I’ve saved it (added to my list of hundreds of others!)

    • Thanks Rachell. Haha, I’m exactly the same. I think I’ve bookmarked more things than I can make in my entire lifetime!

  4. Very pretty blanket! The yarn looks so great for a baby – super soft. Those tags are adorable. A perfect finishing touch for a gift.

  5. The sweetest baby blanket! I love the color and the teddy bear, great picture!

  6. What a lovely, cozy blanket! And I love your tags. What a great present for a crafter!

    Your bear is so sweet. I still have my baby blankets from when I was born. 🙂

  7. ooh! One to add to the “I want to make it, will start it and then start something else” List!

  8. beautiful blanket ! lovely color

  9. Ah so nice. I have a selection if blankets people knitted me for both Bear and Fig. So precious. I love the addition of the little tag. So nice 🙂

  10. Hi Gemma,

    Omg, your blanket is gorgeous! I like your choice of yarn and color. Great photography too. The last photo with Teddy is just precious.
    And I am so happy my pattern was useful to you. I love seeing finished projects from my patterns. It motivates and inspires me. Thank you for giving me credit and linking to my blog.

    All the best, and hugs from California,


  11. Andrew Jones

    Nice blog post! The blankets are beautiful. Wonderful color.

  12. Mary Fletcher

    I am new to crochet. Is there a video for this pattern? Thank you..It is beautiful !

    • Gemma Evans

      Hi Mary, there isn’t a video for this exact pattern but you should be able to find tutorial stitches on YouTube. Best of luck!

  13. sam newton

    ive just bought 5 balls of the rico baby in pale grey and have been looking for the perfect blanket to make a friend having her first baby, can you remember how many chains you began with please or how may diamonds across you did,
    sam x

    • Gemma Evans

      Hi Sam! I’m afraid I don’t remember how many chains I started with but I think the baby blanket was 10 or 11 diamonds wide. Rico baby is lovely — hope you enjoy crocheting with it. Best of luck with your blanket 🙂

  14. I must be blind because I see no link to this pattern. What am I missing???

    • Gemma Evans

      There is a link to the pattern in the “Notes” section at the very bottom of the post 🙂

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