Crochet flower bunting on shed

Crochet flower bunting

Remember the granny triangle bunting I made for the shed back in October? Well it was starting to look faded so I made some crochet flower bunting to replace it. I’m still on what feels like an eternal mission to use up the last of my blue wool – hence another blue project. At least it’s not cream this time 🙂

I made the patterns up as I went along but I’ll write them up at some point. The finished flowers ended up looking quite curly so I blocked each one on a towel.

Blue, grey and white crochet flowers

It didn’t take long for them to dry and flatten down. I also sprayed each flower with a bit of spray starch and ironed it to stop it going curly when the shed gets damp.

Crochet flowers pinned to towel

I crocheted them onto a cord made from single crochet stitches.

Blue and grey crochet flower bunting

Blue and grey crochet flower bunting

I removed the old bunting and not long afterwards a house sparrow flew into the shed window with a real wallop. Not having something obscuring the reflection must have made this window look like clear space ahead. Poor bird. Shed bunting is now a necessity for the sake of the birds!

Wool flower bunting on shed

This bunting looks equally as good from the inside too.

Crochet flowering bunting in window

Crochet flower bunting on shed

Crochet flower bunting on shed

If you want to make your own, I’ve put together a list of free crochet flower patterns you could use:

4 comments on “Crochet flower bunting

  1. Oh, this is so lovely. It’s just beautiful. And thank you for the links.

  2. Sure, sure, you made it for the birds…. 😉 haha, actually, that’s a great idea. We’ve had birds fly into our large front window before and it’s not pretty.
    What a cute way to beautify that window!

  3. Stunning, the garland is a real delight. Thanks for sharing the links.

  4. Lovely bunting -the blues look so pretty together.

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