Crochet tweed iPad case

Even though it’s been hot lately I’ve been itching to do some knitting or crochet. My iPad case was looking tatty so I decided to crochet a new one. I used yarn I had kicking around my knitting basket; the bright blue and dark grey were from something I made for Scott and the other blues are leftovers from the Northmavine Hap. I’m still trying to use up that wool! I’ve been making smaller projects because I didn’t think there was much left but I’m starting to think I had more than I thought!

Blue, grey and cream wool

I crocheted my case in a colourful version of ‘tweed stitch’. This technique was from the stitch library of a book called The Crochet Bible. I don’t normally use colour in this way when I crochet so it was nice to do something a bit different.

Crochet tweed stitch pattern

And here’s what it looks like in the blues and greys.

Crochet tweed stitch in blue and grey Crochet tweed stitch in blue and grey

I made a cord and attached this handmade larch wood button for fastening. I’ve been hanging onto this button for a while, waiting for the right project to use it on.

Larch wood button on wool This is the finished case. I still have wool left over so I’ll probably make a matching phone case too.

Blue stripy tweed iPad case


  1. Wow, that is glorious! Love the colour combinations. I must learn to crochet soon (once I’ve finished the gardening obsession, house re-decoration and general looking-after-children that takes up most of my time at the moment… Maybe I should schedule it in for an autumn activity!)

    • You definitely should, but it’s very addictive. You have been warned 🙂

  2. Now this is exquisite- how amazing is this. Love the pattern and such a nice detail with the button 🙂

  3. I’m going to have to google tweed stitch for crochet. I just learned it for knitting. I’m crocheting a scrap blanket…I think tweed stitch would look great for a little bit different stitch than single crochet.

    • That’s why I liked it too. Still simple and quick but the overall effect looks really nice.

  4. Wow – I really like how this came out. I have been itching to crochet a bit. I may dig out some of my stash and make one. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Go for it! I’m trying to think of other projects to use this stitch on.

    • I love these buttons. I bought 10 and now I’m down to 3, this is the first time I used one on something for myself though 🙂

    • Thank you! I was pleased with it considering it was odds and ends from my basket.

  5. this case turned out GrEAT!!! This is when I really wish my crochet skills were a bit better!!! make that a whole lot better!!!!!!

    • Thanks Steph! Keep practising, you’ll be a crochet ninja in no time 😉

  6. Hello

    I love the colourways you chose and the stitch – it’s made a lovely iPad cover.
    Wishing you a good weekend.

    • Thanks Sally. It’s a new stitch for me but I really like it, will be making more things with it.

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