Droplets on aquilegia leaves

The day the rain came

Hands up who was pleased about the rain this week! After a few hot days I think only us gardeners were. Considering we are early in the year, the ground had got so dry already. When the rain stopped I went for a snoop around the garden and everything looked so green and lush. Seedlings had suddenly shot up or sprung to life and many of the other plants in the garden looked like they’d grown too.

Droplets on leaves
Soapwort leaves
Droplets on aquilegia leaves
Aquilegia leaves

I had a bit of a mix up with my seeds. I scattered what I thought was love-in-a-mist in lots of my terracotta pots. Turns out they were aquilegias, we have loads on the way! Note to self; don’t put seeds in your tin thinking you’ll remember what they are, because you won’t!

Purple aquilegia flower
Aquilegia (Granny’s bonnet/Columbine)

Our apple blossom smells amazing. I kept smelling something perfumed in the garden and thought next door had put their laundry out in the sun. It turned out to be these blossom flowers.

White apple blossom
Apple blossom
Droplet on nasturtium leaf
Nasturtium seedling
White aquilegia flowers
Aquilegia ‘Green Apples’

The peony bud is getting bigger and bigger. You can just about see the coral pink petals at the top now. When this thing finally flowers it’ll have a whole post of its own, I’ve been waiting for two years!

Peony bud
Peony bud
Bright orange flower
Geum Queen of Orange

The colour of golden oregano. It’s luminous. And thanks to the rain, heaving with fresh leaves.

Golden oregano leaves
Golden oregano
White clematis flower
Clematis Montana Miss Christine

Seeing everything coming back to life recently has made me feel really thankful to have a garden. I love this space. It’s not the biggest but we have managed to do a lot with it. We have birds, insects, pollinators and most importantly, space to have a bbq!

16 comments on “The day the rain came

  1. i bet everything smelled delicious! i love the way everything smells after the rain. especially during spring. we got rain here this week also. which was much needed because both march and april were dry. xx

    • Me too, makes everything smell really fresh. With the heat and the rain it actually felt a bit tropical that morning.

  2. I’m imagining the beautiful scents now! It’s amazing how the rain is such a wonderful feast for the garden flowers.

  3. I was rather glad of the rain at the allotment after hacking away at the ground this weekend! Finally the leeks have germinated with all the rain. I must go out and have a smell of our apple blossom.

    • Me too, the ground was so flipping hard. Good news about your leeks, they must have welcomed the softer soil.

  4. Wet warm rain smells are delicious and I can just smell that from your photographs. It’s been so good for the garden to have a drenching hasn’t it? The Green Apples aquilegia is so pretty – such delicate colours x

    • Thanks Elizabeth! I like the colours in the Green Apple aquilegia but have a soft spot for the shape of the more traditional looking plants. Hope your seedlings enjoyed the rain.

  5. I’m firmly on the side of sunshine, however I will agree – how the garden glows green after sun then rain is magical. Then how the plants suddenly take a leap is wonderful. Beautiful images, and oh the peony – so full of promise!

    • Thank you Gemma. I’m not surprised you’re on the side of sunshine, rain doesn’t play well with cherry blossom 😉

  6. I love your pictures you can breath whilst looking at them and feel calm, thank you

  7. Oh everything in your garden is looking so lovely 🙂 I am excited about your peony ?

  8. It’s so lovely – your peony needs it own live feed web cam so we can all keep an eye on it for you! I do love how extra bright all the colours look after some rain. BBQ o’clock – you had one this year? Must look up some good BBQ recipes 😉

    Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to sniff my own apple blossom…

    Thanks for joining in again x

  9. oh how i miss the rain, especially more so these days, I love peony’s looking forward to seeing the photographs as it flowers

  10. The rain has been so welcomed, I’ve really noticed a flourish in activity with the plants following a few good rain showers. Also, raindrops on flowers and leaves look wonderful

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