Designs of the year 2013

On Saturday Scott and I went to see the Designs of the Year 2013 exhibition at the Design Museum. It doesn’t seem that long ago we visited the first year of the exhibition (2008). We’ve been every year since then.

I always find it difficult to choose my favourite projects but I’ve narrowed it down to five (plus a few extra!) this year.

Digital postcards and postcard player by Uniform

Designs of the Year 2013 - Postcard player

A quirky way for people to share and interact with music where analogue meets digital. I loved how the postcard had functioning play/pause buttons printed onto paper. More information about Digital postcards and postcard player »

Zombies, Run! App by Six to Start & Naomi Alderman

Designs of the Year 2013 - Zombie Run

A great way of motivating zombie loving runners like myself! That reminds me, I really need to go for a run, it’s been a while. More information about Zombies Run! App »

Sea Chair by Studio Swine and Kieren Jones

Designs of the Year 2013 - Sea Chair

I visited the Plastic Garbage Project exhibition in Zürich last year. Seeing the Sea Chair project reminded me of some of the awful images I saw at that exhibition. It made me feel optimistic that we might one day find a use for all the discarded plastic floating around the ocean poisoning and killing marine life. Learn about the Sea Chair »

Colour Porcelain by Scholten & Baijings

Designs of the Year 2013 - Coloured Porcelain

I absolutely love the simplicity and colour combinations of these pieces. More information about Colour Porcelain »

Little Sun by Olafur Eliasson & Frederik Ottesen

Designs of the Year 2013 - Little Sun

Such a simple idea that could have a massive impact for people in developing countries with little access to electricity. Learn about Little Sun »

Other projects I liked…

Graphic Design

Sadly I found the graphic design area of the exhibition a bit uninspiring this year! I felt alot of the work looked the same – a certain typographic style with areas of block colour and geometric shapes.

Does anyone else find viewing graphic design in traditional gallery spaces a bit dull? For me, I think it’s because you don’t see many of the workings behind the final idea. Often you are only presented with the final logo/poster/magazine so you don’t get any insight into process. Maybe that’s alright for some but I like seeing how people’s minds work.


Designs of the Year is worth a visit you’re looking for some fresh inspiration. It’s open from 20th March until 7th July 2013 at the Design Museum in London. Your ticket also gives you entry to the other exhibitions – if you like retro objects it’s worth a walk around Extraordinary Stories.

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