A feast at Dishoom

On Saturday Scott and I celebrated his birthday with a fantastic meal at Dishoom (Kings Cross) – a Bombay style restaurant serving Indian street food. We’d spent the day walking around London and by the time early evening arrived we’d worked up quite an appetite. It was still sunny and warm; we grabbed the last table outside and ooh’d and ahh’d over everything on the menu. It all looked good so we ordered a curry and plenty of side dishes so we could taste a bit of everything.

This drink is the Virgin Bombay Colada – it was eye bogglingly good. Pineapple, coconut, coriander, chai syrup and lime, with sugary balls and fennel seeds on top. You can have it with or without rum.

Cocktail in glass

Pina Colada

Our naan was thin, crispy on the bottom and topped with garlic and lashings of butter. The finest naan to ever grace my stomach. Just don’t tell our local tandoori, I think they’d be disappointed to hear me say that!

Naan bread

Garlic naan

Paneer and mango salad garnished with crispy shallots. I’m really glad we ordered this because a couple of the other dishes were pretty rich, so a salad balanced the meal out a bit.

Salad on plate

Paneer and mango salad

These potatoes were melt in the mouth. Grilled, broken apart and tossed in butter, seeds and herbs. My favourite dish from our meal.

Plate of cooked potatoes

Gunpowder potatoes

Chicken Ruby. This was naughty but really tasty; tender chicken in a rich sauce made from tomatoes, butter and cream (sorry ol’ ticker). We also ordered Black House Dahl which I forgot to take a photo of.

Bowl of orange curry

Chicken ruby

After all that food we decided we wouldn’t have any pudding. And then we saw pineapple and black pepper crumble on the menu. We’re both pineapple fiends so we couldn’t not try it could we? We were celebrating afterall!

Spoonful of crumble and custard

Pineapple and black pepper crumble

Feeling hungry yet? I know I am! If you’re a curry monster like us and find yourself stuck for somewhere to eat in London, I can highly recommend this place. Every mouthful of food tasted like it was cooked with love and care. The restaurant is beautifully decorated too, I didn’t get any photos because we were sat outside. There was so much on the menu we didn’t get to try – the perfect excuse to go back.

I’ve decided I’m going to write more about restaurants we come across because finding good ones can be hard, especially in London where chains are peppered all over the city.


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