Blue tit pecking at window

DIY Bird Feeder

The temperature has started to drop and the bird feeder belonging to the flat underneath has been busy with birds feeding up for the Winter.

A couple of weeks ago a blue tit started pecking at our office window several times a day, most days. We weren’t (and still aren’t) sure why he was doing it, although we did wonder if he might just be hungry.

Blue tit pecking at window

I bought some fatcake containing meal worms from Sainsburys. I know from watching our neighbour’s feeder that they go bananas for them so it seemed like a good choice. The first day we left food out on the windowsill, something (most likely a magpie) took the whole square of birdcake. There weren’t even any crumbs! Not ideal.

RSPB birdcake

When I was walking around the supermarket I spotted those netted bags used to hold onions that could be upcycled into a feeder. I filled the bag with a piece of food and trapped it in a closed window to stop anything taking the whole thing in one go. It works brilliantly.

Fatcake in onion bag in windowsill

Fatcake in onion bag hanging out of window

This is the blue tit feeding on his birdcake:

Our little friend comes several times a day to feed. Quite often he starts around 6:30-7am and usually has his last feed just before it starts to get dark. This window is frosted so we don’t get a brilliant view but it means he can feed without being scared away by us moving around.

Since putting the first block out we’ve put a feeder on the living room windowsill. This window isn’t frosted which means we get a good view. He seems quite happy here enough though he knows he’s being watched.

So if you live in a flat and want to feed the birds, dangle a bit of fatcake in an onion bag out of your window. I think it would work equally well with larger nuts and seeds.

If anyone knows why this little bird could be pecking at our windows, please drop us a comment below!

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