Young house sparrow on roof

The eagle has landed

Mission accomplished. We finally have birds in our garden. Sadly not eagles, that was a bit misleading of me.

Stone and concrete back garden
The back garden when we moved in

When we moved into our house the back garden was all concrete and the front had a small patch of grass with neglected lavender and a mouldy crabapple tree. Sadly there were no birds, not even a wood pigeon and when you think about it there was no reason for them to visit – it would have been as exciting as the prospect of you or I eating lunch in the middle of a giant car park.

We had lots of birds at our previous home thanks to our neighbour’s feeder (also the person who started my bird interests) and as a result, fledglings and other birds frequently visited our window feeder. So we decided to make attracting birds a priority in our new garden.

We put a feeder up in the back garden and expected we’d have our first visitor within a few days. Sadly this was not the case. The feeder remained full and we didn’t see a single bird for a few weeks. Then our new neighbours moved in and put a feeder up. Within two days I caught sight of birds feeding, I couldn’t believe it. So I did a bit of Googling and realised that one of the reasons our garden was still birdless could be due to a lack of shrubs and cover for them to hide in. Then I remembered that the end house (we’re in a row of 3) had a tree in the garden and when I watched I could see the birds sitting in the tree before flying onto the feeder in the middle garden.

We moved our pots, Eve Price shrub and mini apple tree near the feeder to provide a bit of shelter. Not perfect but it worked!! They generally hop around the back of the pots before visiting the feeder.

Mismatching terracotta pots
Area below the feeder

The following photos are a bit hit and miss because I had to whip the camera out before they flew away.

House sparrows

The house sparrows are nesting in the roof of the building that corners off our garden and we’ve seen alot of them recently. When we moved in we hung the feeder up almost directly below this area of guttering, not knowing they were there. That and the flower bed full of worms underneath is probably working out quite nicely for them.

The two below generally leave and come back together.

House sparrows on guttering

And this one use to just sit on the guttering and chirp continuously. So much so that I now recognise his call from the others around us. This week he’s been flying onto the roof to have a good look around. He’s not camera shy either. In fact, he’s a bit of a poser.

Young house sparrow Young house sparrow on roof

When he’s not stood chirping orders from the guttering he spends quite a bit of time hiding in it and looking around.

House sparrow peeping from the guttering

The robins

Last Thursday I went into the living room and saw a robin on the feeder. This was the first bird I’d seen feeding from it. The next day we had two curious robins. I was stood near the patio doors and it just peered round the trellis at me. This photo made me laugh because it probably thought I couldn’t see it. The red breast was a slight giveaway.

Spying robin on a fence

Later that day I saw a robin hopping round the garden. It had a good nose round the back of the terracotta pots, ate some of the fat cake I made, hopped into the shrub and then onto the hanging feeder.

Robins in the garden

I’m hoping we’ll gradually see a greater variety of birds appearing. This is quite a long post but I wanted to document what feels like a big step towards making our garden wildlife friendly! Hooray for us!

3 comments on “The eagle has landed

  1. Ahhhh so sweet to have them at last! Beautiful photos Gemma x

  2. How lovely – just in time for spring! I’ll look into some of these helpful tips. Our garden has quite a few shrubs and even a tree, but like yours, our feeder never gets pecked into….maybe its all the cats that live round here who are causing the problems!

  3. Wow..look at them, so sweet! Glad that you made House sparrows & Robins to come to your home at last. You should be very happy at the moment. In between, excellent photography skills. I guess you may have to put more effort on having more plants, flowers, fruits etc to make your visitors (Robins and others) happy…. 🙂

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