Orange echinacea cone


My favourite plant in the garden at the moment is our echinacea. I almost relocated (polite way of saying pull it up and stuff it somewhere in the back garden) it a few months ago but I’m glad I didn’t because after a ropey start it’s looking amazing. Three years after planting, I think it has finally settled in.

Echinacea flowers

Echinacea in the sun

Pink flower petals

I’m amazed by the middle. The florets (spikes) are actually tiny tubes filled with nectar. We’ve planted it next to our Buddleia Sungold to make a bee and butterfly buffet!

Orange echinacea florets

Closeup of echinacea cone
Pollen on echinacea

Pale pink echinacea petals

Pink echinacea flower

I was focusing in on this cone when a butterfly landed right in front of me.

Butterfly on echinacea flower
Red Admiral Butterfly

Green echinacea bud

I’d really like to pick a few of these for the house but we only have six or seven flowers; they are pretty big though. Also they are a really good food source for pollinators and they probably need these flowers more than my coffee table does.

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8 comments on “Echinacea

  1. so beautiful Gemma! i started loving echinacea after i was introduced to it at my mother in law’s garden. she always has them in front of her kitchen along with flocks, bee balm and lilies. the butterflies and hummingbirds love them!

  2. They look fabulous, mine have been attacked by slugs this year, not sure we will get any flowers ?

  3. I haven’t seen any this year but I do love echinaceas. Not only for their size and how boldly they stand out from other plants but also because they bees and butterflies love them.

    • Yes — I had no idea they would get so tall. I bought the plant when it was about 10cm tall and they are almost as tall as me.


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