El Sueno written in brick

El Sueño Jardin Botanico

Last month we visited El Sueño botanical gardens in Spain. El Sueno translates to ‘the dream’ and the garden is owned by family friends Pedro and Lucre. We called in one afternoon to collect oranges and were treated to a tour around the garden. I love it there; the plants are so different to those we have back home in the UK.

El Sueno written in brick

Many of the plants were covered for Winter to protect them from the cold and wind. But there was still plenty to see. I thought these were flowers but I’m pretty sure they are fruits. They look like pineapples!

Yellow cactus flowers
Barrel Cactus Fruits
Flowering succulents
Crassula perforata
Cactus on gravel and rock
Pink and green succulents

Some of the cacti at El Sueño are huge!! One the main challenges during the Winter is protecting these tall plants from the wind. Sadly a couple snapped this year; but there were still plenty more to see.

Overlapping cactus

These look like oranges but I think they are actually grapefruit.

Orange hanging in tree
Lemom tree
Potting area of garden
Potting table
Figures through the trees
Pedro, Dot and Scott (hiding)
Red chillies
Scotch bonnet chillies

This weird looking thing is a loofah. Once harvested, the grubby outer layer is removed and leaves behind a clean pale structure. Next time you see one in the shops you’ll know where it came from, a tree like this. If a loofah is picked young it’s edible — the things you discover on YouTube! I kid you not, I spent about half an hour watching loofah videos.

Loofah hanging in tree

This pot hangs in a what can only be described as a tree of trees. Runners are potted and held up around the tree on a line of string.

Plant pot hanging in tree

As it’s Thursday I’m doing a Throwback Thursday to when I first visited this garden nearly 7 years ago — just after it opened.

Me stood by a painted caravan
7 years ago

If you ever find yourself in the Ondara area of Spain I recommend calling in at El Sueño. Pedro and Lucre have created a beautiful garden and talk about it with real excitement (in Spanish). As well as the garden there is a small museum filled with nature finds like nests, bugs, rocks and fossils. Left to my own devices, I could happily spend hours here.

5 comments on “El Sueño Jardin Botanico

  1. I can’t believe that was seven years ago that we all visited Pedro and Lucri ?X

  2. such lovely looking gardens, I’ve just acquired 2 lemon trees, i assume they’ll grow in Dubai if sold in Dubai?????? Love the little pineapple fruits on the cactus. i was wondering how to add a bit of colour in the garden and i love the idea of striving up some pots.

    • I would have thought so; lemons like the heat so I’m sure they’ll be fine. Apparently they are quite hardly so you don’t need to do a lot to them. Would love to have lemons in our garden but it’s too cold.

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