Wood nativity animals

Feeling festive

It’s nearly Christmas! I’m feeling really excited this year because it’s our first Christmas in our new home and we will be spending it here with family.

It’s also the first year we’ve had enough space for a big tree. On *the big day* I woke up at 6:30am and would have happily left at 6:35am to get the tree if the shops had been open. I was probably more excited than an adult should be. Scott woke up a while later and within 40 minutes we were on our way to the garden centre (poor man)!

Choosing a Christmas tree

At 1.8 metres tall our tree is a couple of inches below the ceiling, just as it should be 🙂

Red and gold Christmas tree

Metal bauble

The metal heart decoration was a gift for our second Christmas in our flat.

The scouts were selling mistletoe in town at the weekend. The bunch we chose was so large we had to divide it in two. Half above the back door and the other half hanging on the shed. Our neighbours probably think we are the sort of people who enjoy a bit of festive shed erotica.

Hanging mistletoe

Our front door has a homemade wreath. The heather is pale gold and looks very festive with the greenery and red berries. I’m hoping it doesn’t get attacked by hungry birds.

Homemade Christmas wreath

Christmas wreath with holly and heather

The table decorations for Christmas Day are taking shape. I had a couple of terracotta pots that were too small for planting anything in but were the perfect size for candles. I dug up some moss, let it dry out for a few days and then used it to line the pots and hold the candles in place. A couple of days before Christmas I’ll add red berries for colour.

Christmas table centrepiece

I’d forgotten how good satsumas tasted. I painted these pinecones last year with my friend Kat on a marathon Christmas craft session.

Bowl of satsumas and pinecones for Christmas

We were a bit thin on decorations as we moved from a flat to a house – a good excuse to make something Christmassy me thinks! I had lots of crochet cotton left over from another project so I made crochet snowflake garlands. I used Lucy from Attic24’s crochet snowflake pattern and I guarantee that once you start making these little snowflakes you won’t be able to stop.

Crochet snowflake bunting

Last Christmas Scott’s Mum gave us this miniature wooden nativity set. The whole set is lovely but the deer and sheep are my favourites.

Wood nativity animals

Looking back over these photos I hadn’t realised how nature focused and rustic our Christmas decorations are this year. Lot of pinecones, fruit, holly and spruce. Before we moved we had quite modern Christmas decorations but I think what we have this year really suits the house. We’re country bumpkins now 🙂

Merry Christmas folks!


17 comments on “Feeling festive

  1. Your tree looks wonderful Gemma and I love the smell of fresh Christmas trees. That line about the festive shed erotica made me snort – I’m such a child! Your mistletoe looks fabulous though and that wreath is beautiful. Hopefully the birds will have flown off for their Winter disco by now. You’ve been very busy with the decorations – they all look great although I especially love your table decorations. What a lovely post. Have a great Christmas and New Year xxx

    • So do I, you can’t beat the smell of a new tree 🙂 Love the idea of birds flying off to a Winter disco, haha!

  2. Merry Christmas! I love how traditional and rustic your decorations are and it’s lovely that you are spending it in your own home. If ever there was a time I wish I could crochet it’s now after seeing those lovely stars!

    Love the red and gold on the tree and those nativity figures especially – looks like you’ll be having a great Christmas with your family, just the way it should be.

    Thanks for joining in this year, I’ve loved your photos xx

    • Thanks Annie! Perhaps learning to crochet should be a New Year’s resolution? I can point you in the direction of some good tutorials 🙂 Looking forward to more bloggy fun next year!

  3. oh wow, i love your decorations! especially the crocheted snowflakes, high five!

  4. What a lovely tree-there’s nothing quite like a real tree is there and your decorations look beautiful. Happy Christmas!

  5. looks absolutely lovely and it looks like it smells heavenly too. i think it’s ok to not have so many decorations when you start out because i think it is something that is supposed to be built up through the years with memories. merry Christmas to you and yours!

    • Yes, that’s what we thought too. We have a few meaningful and homemade ones from when we first moved, hopefully we will build up a nice collection over time.

  6. Gorgeous! I love the little nativity scene and all the natural decorations. Beautiful . But, your snowflakes are just amazing! I wish I could crochet 🙂 A very Merry Christmas to you and yours xx

  7. such gorgeous photos, I particularly love your wreath (I’m yet to make one… there’s still time right?) and your candle pots! Merry Christmas x

    • Go for it, it’s never too late to make a Christmas wreath. You could always just make a seasonal wreath if you overshoot Christmas 🙂

  8. That wreath is beautiful, and I like the rustic style – it all seems to really come together! This is the first year our tree stops a few inches short of the ceiling (finally!) – usually we have to chop off some inches to get it there because my husbands eyes are bigger than our ceiling – ha!

  9. Haha! I think the ‘will it or won’t it fit’ game is part of the fun! Have a great Christmas.

  10. WOW. Beautiful. I’m in total admiration of the snowflakes and the wreath. And the mossy touches to the candles. Nothing beats a bit of festive shed erotica I’m sure! The kids keep asking why we haven’t got any mistletoe. I claim that Daddy and I don’t need any excuse for a smooch, but really it’s too expensive where I have seen it. I wish the scouts delivered to us!

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