Water drops on sweet pea leaves

First Autumn morning

One morning last week it felt like Autumn had well and truly arrived. It was chilly and damp and everything was covered in water droplets.

Water drops on spiders web
Water drops on pea pod
Sweet pea pod
Water drops on sweet pea leaves
Perennial sweet pea leaves
Water drop on nasturtium flower
Nasturtium flower
Water drops on nasturtium
Nasturtium leaf
Water on nasturtium leaf
Nasturtium leaf

Our foxgloves died off but are now on their second wind — much to the delight of the bees.

Water drops on foxglove flower
Water drops on soapwort leaves

It has been baking hot again since so I think us Autumn lovers will have to hang on a few more days before we can crack out the big socks out and drink hot chocolate! Until then we’ll have to keep on eating ice cream. Shame.

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8 comments on “First Autumn morning

  1. Oh wow, you still have so much colour! We have a few blooms here and there but the seed pods are taking over and there are now more shades of brown and green than anything else.
    Water droplets always look amazing, you captured them wonderfully.

    • Thanks Amanda. The back garden is shady so it’s late to start — but on the plus side it means we have colour for a little longer. Seed pods have been appearing though which means things are on the turn.

  2. I don’t venture out to the garden if it has been raining as I get soaked myself by all the overhanging branches! I do feel guilty about breaking the spiderwebs when I put the washing line up though!

    • I didn’t realise just how many spiderwebs were in the garden until this damp morning when they were all covered in droplets.

  3. such beautiful shots Gemma. our mornings have been a lot cooler and dewy as well. but then the temperatures during the day are proof that summer is very much still here. xx

  4. Get those big socks ready – the rains coming!
    I love the water droplets – and that furry sweet pea pod super-cute.
    By the way I’m still daydreaming of your jammy almondy biscuits.
    Phwaorrrrrrrr #retreatcarsnacks 😉

  5. It is still very hot here in SW France, we have had one day of rain since the end of June. The garden looks sad, our foxgloves and most other flowers gave up long ago in the drought. The Geraniums are thriving and the vegetables also thanks to constant watering courtesy of our well. But still it’s beautiful, long may summer last!

  6. Beautiful – love the sight of raindrops nourishing all the flowers. We still have lots of colour in our garden too so it doesn’t feel like autumn apart from the huge amounts of blackberries in our hedgerows.

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