Overflowing seed tin

First sowings of the year

Weeds have started popping up all over the garden which is natures way of saying ‘let’s go’. So this week I finally got organised and have sown the first seeds of the year. I was like a terrier out of a starting box!

Collection of seeds in tin

I had a fair amount left over from last year and a fresh batch of seeds for the vegetable garden arrived a couple of weeks ago. The ‘flower seeds’ packets on the left are all saved seeds from the garden – the packet is a free template from Sabrina of Wolves in London.

Seed packets on table

This little patch of sun is a big deal for us. When it appears in the back garden we know Spring is just around the corner. The back is North facing and gets no direct sunlight in the Winter. In the Summer the sun is high enough to creep over the building tops and give us 6-8 hours per day.

Small patch of sunlight

Outdoors we have broad beans (fingers crossed the mice don’t find them), sweet peas, and nasturtiums. Indoors we have marigolds and sage – they live in the bath at the moment.

Seeds in hand
Marigold seeds

This is the first batch of seeds all potted up.

Pots and markers in a row

The crocus are looking really nice! The ones in the front keep getting munched by slugs; they love eating the petals so I haven’t seen many actual flowers yet.

Purple crocus in the sun
Pale yellow crocus

Dutch iris are something I wanted to grow last year but discovered too late. I’ve planted more than I need so I can cut a few to put in the house. These are Spring bulbs and should flower June-July. I’m looking forward to having garden grown flowers in the house again.

Bulbs in a bag
Dutch iris bulbs

About half of the daffodils have petals poking through so they should flower any day now.

Closed daffodil heads

The back garden was in a bit of a mess. Lots of dead plants flopped over the sides of pots, bird seed husks blowing around, empty pots and pot feet scattered about. It looked much better after a tidy up and my last to-dos are a sweep up and to move the compost from the middle of the patio into the corner.

Terracotta pot feet

I spotted a tiny pink flower on the pulmonaria. This will be one of the earliest plants to flower providing the slugs don’t go to town on it. They’ve already eaten a lot of the leaves. I really need to figure out where they are hiding and pick them off.

Single pink pulmonaria flower

This post feels a bit scatty but I think it’s reflective of this time of year. We are stuck between two seasons. Winter hasn’t finished yet and Spring is not quite here so I find myself doing any small job in order to feel like I’m getting started. Collecting pots together, tidying up because it’s not quite warm enough to plant seeds and picking out early weeds in an attempt to feel like I’m ‘gardening’ again. Until then I’ll have to be content doing odd jobs.

P.S. If you are thinking about growing kale for the first time, you might be interested in my kale fails post.

23 comments on “First sowings of the year

  1. My daffodils are not out yet, so I am jealous! You’ve a lot more flowering in your garden that I have at the moment. I’ve seed planting on my agenda for later this month, and I fear that after that day, I’ll be lost to the garden again until next Winter!

    • I remember seeing photos of flowering daffodils last year and ours were nowhere to be seen. Hope you get to see yours soon!

  2. Totally agree that this time of year is scatty! Those crocus are lovely, glad the slugs haven’t got to them all.
    I had to look up Dutch Iris, they are gorgeous!

    • I bought the iris on a bit of a whim. Saw the flowers on the front of the packet and couldn’t resist 🙂

  3. Stop inspiring me to soon try growing from seeds!! So cool what a difference seasons makes with the sunlight hitting your garden.

  4. Ahhh those pots all lined up, so sweet! So nice to finally be getting some nice light and glimmers of sunshine. I’m so fickle, one sunny morning and I find myself pottering outside happily but drizzle and I’m grumbling to myself. I’m a bit how I imagine a gnome to be. Only without the beard, obvs…

    Talking of kale I finally roasted some up this week – oh my days how yummy! Like seaweed almost!

    Thanks for joining in and of course no comment would be complete with a mention of food…. hmmm what shall I say this week, I know, let’s go sweeeeeet http://www.twiggstudios.com/2015/03/baklava-with-walnuts-orange-blossom.html

    • I’m exactly the same – two consecutive days of sunshine and my mind has called Spring already. Laughing to myself at the thought of an Annie gnome sitting in the garden! I’ve never had roasted kale, I’ll have a look for a recipe. And how wicked to link drop that baklava recipe when I have nothing sweet to eat for pudding 😉

  5. Oooh, what an unexpected delight to see some of my seed envelopes in use. How very lovely!

    I’ve been sowing too — tomatoes, cosmos and sweet peas a few weekends ago and now a huge selection of more veg and flowers being planned for this weekend. Nothing germinating yet but the cosmos. Fingers crossed for some little green shoots soon…

    • I made quite a few of those little bags in the end 🙂 All filled with garden seeds and stored in the tin for this year. I went in to our bathroom this morning to see that the marigolds have suddenly germinated, seeing those first green shoots is always a welcome sight.

  6. I love the crocus, such beautiful colours. We have daffodils that are ready to open but are not quite there yet. Yay to the first sowings 🙂 x #HDYGG

  7. I think ‘scatty’ is a great way to describe this time of year, if we didn’t crack on with all those random jobs we’d be in a mess when things speed up – and I think a bit of outdoor pottering is all the nicer for being a bit meandering anyway 🙂

    Plants in the bath – that made me smile!

    • Very true Catherine 🙂 The bath has been ripped out now so they are floating around the bathroom…

  8. I must start to sort my seeds soon. I’m such a fairweather gardener! Perhaps I can do it while watching the tennis tomorrow afternoon!

    • Haha, great idea. I think I sorted through my seeds in front of the TV too.

  9. I love the first seed sowing of spring too. I’ve cheated slightly this year and have been heating my seed trays on the radiator each evening. I’ve germinated marigolds, chillis and tomatoes and that makes me smile. #HDYGR

    • That’s a really good idea, Ive never thought of that. We have a chilli plant in the kitchen that’s started to flower already. I bring it indoors over the Winter and it normally gets going again about this time of year.

  10. Wow, this makes me so jealous! We had our first day above zero here in Canada so the melt has started. Your garden is brimming with potential. I can wait to see what you grow next!

    • Hooray for the melt! 🙂 I’m actually thinking about growing some radishes this year after seeing your perfectly round one – it has set the bar!

  11. Isn’t it nice to get going with seed sowing … I Just hope winter does come back all of a sudden!

    • Me too, although I’ve been quite sensible and not gone too mad just yet – however tempting it may be!

  12. i love this time of year i think potting up is one of my favorite things to do, nothing like tucking little seeds up in to compost beds and waiting for them to pop out their heads

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