Honesty seeds and seed heads

First year seed saving

After getting a copy of Seedswap: The Gardener’s Guide to Saving and Swapping Seeds for Christmas I decided to do some seed saving this year.

Chive seeds

I actually forgot I made this resolution until I saw the chives turning to seed a few weeks ago. I picked a few heads off to dry indoors but found they dried much quicker when left on the plant in the sun.

Chive flower full of seeds

Once the head turns pale and dries out you can clearly see all the seeds and they are ready for harvesting.

Jar of chive seeds
Chive seeds

I originally planned to be really organised and write the number of seeds collected on the packet, but I gave up at 40 because a) they are tiny tiny seeds and b) I realised I easily had a couple of hundred, if not more. I’m patient but that THAT patient.

Once I’d removed all the dried bits of plant and dirt I wrapped them in kitchen roll and placed them in a sealed jar with rice (for 2 weeks) to remove any remaining moisture. I then packaged them in a sealed bag and paper envelope ready for next year. The seeds that blew onto the ground next to the chive plant have already began to sprout so I’m hoping next year we’ll have lots of chives once I’ve sown these seeds.

Starting to see seeds everywhere…

Honesty seeds

Now I’m on the lookout, I’m starting to realise seeds are everywhere! I’ve collected a few Honesty seed pods. The papery layer in the middle that creates two chambers for the seeds looks like silk if you remove it in one piece.

Honesty seeds and seed heads
Honesty seed heads

I became a bit fascinated with these pods. If you hold them up to the light they are full of veins.

Honesty seed heads


Dried seed heads and seeds

Pansy seeds

These pansy seeds were gifted to me so the colour of the flowers will be a surprise. They still have alot of drying to do so I’m leaving them in a paper bag for a while before packaging them up.

Pansy seeds and dried seed heads
Pansy seed heads
Love-in-a-mist seeds

We had this plant in my garden when I was a kid and I use to sit and squash the big fat seed heads whilst they were still green.

Love-in-a-mist seed head and seeds
Love-in-a-mist seed head

If everything goes to plan and these seeds make it through to next year without any mould, I’ll collect more. Fingers crossed they all germinate in a few months time!

Seed saving information

2 comments on “First year seed saving

  1. Wow so many amazing seeds, how fascinating. I love the honesty seeds especially they’re wonderful. The Love-in-a-Mist seeds look pretty special too. We have loads of Red Hot Poker seeds I think in pods at the tops of the stems. I should really do something with them otherwise I’ll expect our Red Hot Pokers to multiply next year 🙂

    • I’ve seen a few Red Hot Pokers in our local park but they don’t look like they are going to seed yet. Maybe you should save some seeds and sow them again next year 🙂

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