Tree silhouettes in fog

Foggy forest walk

On New Year’s Eve eve, we semi-reluctantly emerged from our Christmas cocoon of chocolate, cheese and glowing tree lights. Time to get some proper exercise! It was a pretty epic day to be in the forest though because the fog was incredibly thick.

Thick fog in forest

Forest path in the fog

Then the sun started to break through…

Sunlight beaming through trees

Sun casting shadows through trees

Golden light on trees

Light rays in forest

Light shining on trees

Does anyone want to buy us a house in the forest? Pretty please?

Happy new year! x

8 comments on “Foggy forest walk

  1. Great photos. Love the sunlight peaking through. It’s so good to get out and go for a walk outdoors. I did the same as well.

  2. I love winter walks! Have been trying to go every day since new year just to get out and breathe in lots of fresh air! That light coming through the forest is beautiful!

  3. What a stunning walk! Such a beautiful way to start the year.

  4. Beautiful Gemma – I must admit I’ve been Googling ‘forests to buy’
    Pipedreams I know – but IMAGINE!

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