Damaged cobweb

Frozen webs

You know a friend is a good one when they text first thing in the morning to tip you off about frozen cobwebs. Overnight we’d had a hard frost; it had settled on every last strand. So of course I was out there with my camera like a shot 🙂

Cobweb on shed

Large cobwebs on shed

This nook between the shed and fence was absolutely covered in cobwebs. Until this point I hadn’t realised we were dodging so many spiders every time we went in the shed. Which by the way, has been quite often over the last week because it’s where we’ve been storing the Christmas drinks!

Intricate cobweb

Damaged cobweb

Curled, tangled cobweb

These look more like hammocks. I’d like to set up the camera to record a timelapse of them being created.

Lace like cobweb

Cobweb over post

Cobweb covered in ice
Orb weaver web

The size of these cobwebs shows nothing much has happened in the garden for quite a while. The bugs are happy though.

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9 comments on “Frozen webs

  1. i love how spiderwebs are just a general nuisance in the garden until the frost comes then they become spectacular and fascinating to look at, we don’t have many spiders in dubai, not that i’ve seen and certainly no cobwebs anyway

    • Very true. I think I must be pretty unobservant not to have seen all of those up the side of the shed. If you ever get a frost in Dubai, you’ll find out if you have any webs 😉

  2. These shots are amazing! The frost is so beautiful! Love that your friend texted you too! 🙂

    • Thanks! I thought it was sweet of her to text and I’m glad she did otherwise I wouldn’t have these photos.

  3. WOW! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a big or intricate web before. I love how the frost makes the fine web look like string – pretty flipping amazing.

    Of course now I have a mental image of you after a few beers heading out to the shed for another bottle only to return to the house with a web afro!

    Beee-autiful oh bacony one. Thanks for joining in again xx

    PS. Our Christmas tree is down and it’s trunk is in our garage awaiting some wannabe master woodcarver to set to work 😉

    • Me either and I had no idea that a) we have so many spiders in the garden and b) there are so many webs. When I saw them I had flashbacks to a film called Arachnophobia, that I watched when I was a kid. I’m lucky I made it back alive! Sad news about the tree but I can’t wait to see what you make with your wood.

  4. Beeaaauuuttiiffuuullll. Isn’t nature amazing!

  5. It’s amazing. I don’t kn0w how they (spiders ) have sooo much patience to complete the work . Nature always has a way of giving a message to al those who view it.

    Great pictures 👍👍

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