Basil seedling

Our garden: April 2014 (2)

Our Little Heath shrub has started to grow bright red leaves and shoots.

Red tips on Little Heath shrub

Last week our waterbutt arrived. Our garden isn’t overly big so we ordered a slim one to avoid it taking up a big chunk of the patio. It was pretty barganious (£18.99 inc delivery) and made in Britain. Now we can start recycling water from the house again ready for the Summer (saves you a fortune).

Rainsaver waterbutt

The apple tree blossoms have started to open, they smell really  sweet and perfumed.

White apple blossom flowers

We bought some wrought iron troughs for the wall outside our house. I’ve sown Oxeye Daisy and Cornflower seeds in them and since this photo was taken I’ve planted some trailing geraniums to fill the gaps until the seeds start growing.

Wrought iron troughs

The viola flowers keep coming. This was another purchase from Waitrose and I love the bright yellow centre with the fading cream and purple petals.

Purple and cream viola flowers

The basil seedlings have got their first set of true leaves and are growing quickly. They may be small but the basil smell is really strong.

Basil seedling

And the lavender seeds I saved from last year are making progress too. Like the basil, they have a strong smell already. Not sure how well these will grow because I don’t know whether I collected seeds from a hybrid plant or not. I’m winging it.

Small lavender seedling

I never liked parsley until I grew it at home. It’s less tough and has a nicer flavour. I planted a few seeds but germination can be hit and miss so I wasn’t sure if they’d do anything at all.

Tiny parsley seedling

But they did and a few days later I remembered reading this,

“It is said that the seed goes to the devil and back seven times before germinating and that it will only flourish if planted by an honest man. It is thought to be very unlucky to transplant parsley”.

A Cottage Herbal, Elizabeth Cullum.

I feel lucky to have some parsley seedlings!

This is Golden Oregano. It tastes the same as the traditional variety but has a bright greeny yellow colour. It smells amazing and the leaves are so soft I want to roll around in them!

Golden oregano

I ordered a Guernsey Cream clematis to train up the fence next to the waterbutt. I’ve never had a clematis before so have no idea what I’m doing with it. Does anyone have any tips?

Clematis Guernsey Cream leaves and buds

And lastly, I found these flowers growing over the road from my house. I think they’re cyclamen. After seeing them I bought a pack of cyclamen seeds to sow in pots in the back garden.

Small pink cyclamen

In other news, the birds have gone berserk lately – having spats with eachother, knocking small pots off the wall near the feeder (mainly the wood pigeons), flattening spinach seedlings and one little bird chirped repeatedly for a whole day. Their naughtiness is amusing…unless you’re a spinach seedling.

26 comments on “Our garden: April 2014 (2)

  1. I do like those wrought iron pots, they look lovely. And yes, those look like cyclamen to me, very pretty.

  2. Our parsley seeds have just germinated too. I want to sow Golden Oregano now, having seen your lovely image and the violas are gorgeous too!

    • Even if you sow Golden Oregano just for the colour, you won’t be disappointed!

  3. I love cyclamen-so many different varieties. I’m not a huge fan of parsley but my son chose some for his mini garden and I’m starting to appreciate it as a plant at least 🙂

  4. Beautiful looking garden. I’ve always wanted a waterbutt but have no where to fit one

  5. I’ve got parsley self seeding in the polytunnel – very pleased about that!

  6. ooh such lovely pictures!
    We have the exact same water butt it is great and fills up very quickly.
    I love the new troughs you have they are very nice. I think the geraniums will look lovely trailling over the side of them very soon

  7. I love your violas, that’s such a pretty range of colour’s going on 🙂 I also really like the Wrought iron feeders on your walls, i can imagine what those will look like with all the pretty flowers 🙂 #HDYGG

  8. I totally want to copy the wall baskets and you have convinced me to get ourselves a waterbutt finally!

    • Copy away, they’re great little baskets! I just need to some plants to fill them now 🙂

  9. I love you wrought iron baskets. You have the cleanest, neatest, seedling pots I have ever seen.

  10. so many beautiful colors going on! and waterbutt is a super funny name but it sounds like it does wonders 😉

  11. I’m looking around my garden wondering if I have room for a water butt (if they even sell them in Agadir) I always feel guilty throwing water down the plughole, particularly with the lack of rain we have here, and that we haven’t had a hosepipe ban in the eight years I’ve lived here. Your garden looks fab. Isn’t it heavenly cooking dinner and popping out to cut fresh herbs.

    • It is, I couldn’t do without fresh herbs now! I want to dry lots of them for Winter use this year.

  12. Havent seen an apple flower before! Looks nice! I should really look at this orchard near us, must be in full bloom now! And I love your Oregano. We have this at home in Manila and they always smell nice! My mother uses it when shes got headache me thinks =P #HDYGG

    • I didn’t know it was good for headaches, good excuse to eat more Italian food full of Oregano!

  13. is that a red robin bush in your top plant as i also have one of those and its doing the same thing i do love those cyclamen i think you have also inspired me too to buy a packet of seeds

    • It’s called Little Heath, but it might have another name I don’t know about 🙂

  14. Wow, so much is going on, it all looks beautiful! I’m totally useless on the clematis front, I hear they are easy to grow but I have managed to kill two. I think the most important thing to know is when to prune it as there are 3 ‘groups’ of clematis. Yours is looking very healthy and it’s situated in a sunny spot so that all looks good for you.

    • Yes, as long as I don’t bork the pruning I’m hoping I’ll be okay!

  15. Loving the new blog look – super lovely, I did a little gasp and an ‘oooo!’

    Your garden is looking fabby – always makes me happy seeing seedlings, succulents are so 2013 for me now – it’s all about the growing now. I’ve had dirty finger nails most of this week after much digging and pottering, and loving it!

    Birds here have been very shifty here and such a vast array of different types -though you know me I am a noob at naming things – little starlings and tits are about my bird-spotting limit. Ooo I am going to hunt out a bird spotting book!

    Thanks for joining in again – I may have to go and swoon over your owl again now!

    • Ah thanks Annie 🙂 Pottering about in the garden is the best! Dirty fingernails = a good day in the garden.

  16. oh I love those new pots, really lovely simple design! I wonder if it’s too late to plant basil… I’m going to look into it as I’m always buying it in the supermarket! gorgeous photos x

    • I don’t think you’re too late, you can sow it until about June. If you are sowing indoors it’ll have a head start anyway.

  17. Lovely photos! 🙂

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