Shrivelled courgette bud

Our garden: August 2014 (3)

I popped into the garden for my daily caterpillar hunting duties the other day and got a little sidetracked. I found 7 caterpillars and also a good pile of runner beans, 5 chillies, 3 dwarf beans, 1 cherry tomato and a big plum tomato.

Beans, chillies and tomatoes

If you read my garden update last week you’ll know I found a recipe for runner beans with shallot butter I wanted to try. Well now I have… and it was a party in my mouth. Slightly caramelised shallots in a sweet butter with fresh beans, yum! I used a bean slicer rather than cutting them in chunks.

Runner beans with shallots

The cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen now. I’m hoping we’ll get a glut at some point so I can make pasta sauce to squirrel away.

Cherry tomatoes on vine

We finally have a female courgette flower which means we might get 1 courgette – if we do I shall declare my courgette growing a success!

Yellow courgette flower

It has this lump at the base of the flower which I’m hoping is a courgette. Or have I got that totally wrong? I’ve not grown them before so not sure what I’m doing.

Shrivelled courgette bud

The leeks are starting to look more substantial. I’ve only put a couple of rows in as this is our first year in this house and we are experimenting to see what grows. We don’t have tonnes of space so I don’t want to max out on one crop in case it flops.

Young leeks in rows

I’ve sown some salad leaves but something is nibbling the seedlings. Not sure if it’s slugs or caterpillars. I think the sparrows might be having a go at it as the second row seems to be getting shorter and shorter.

Tiny salad seedlings

Elsewhere in the garden the sweet peas are just about hanging on. There are only a few flowers left now.

Purple sweet pea bud

The geraniums are filling out and I’ve spotted a few flower buds growing. I really like how the leaves look in the sun, they smell good too.

Sun on geranium leaves

And my bargain £1 hanging basket is looking really good. It’s full of petunias.

Pink and red petunias

The wild flowers in the front are starting to fade and a lot of plants are going to seed. Better get seed saving for next year.

Wild daisies and clove flowers

What are you all planning to do with your gardens during the next few months?

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