Grey squirrel holding nuts

Garden birds and squirrels

We’re really lucky to have a garden full of wildlife. Our neighbour has a bird feeder, so does a flat further along and we have our window feeder. This means the birds and squirrels have plenty of food all year round.

Last year I started photographing a squirrel I nicknamed squirrel extraordinaire. I wasn’t using the right lens and was taking them through a closed window so the photos were okay but could have been better! Scott bought me a Sigma 70-300mm f4-5.6 DG Macro For Nikon and I’ve been experimenting with it over the last couple of weeks. It’s been fantastic for this type of photography! I wanted to share some of the photos I’ve taken.


Back to the squirrels. So after squirrel extraordinaire chewed big holes in my neighbours’ plastic feeder, she ended up buying a squirrel proof one with metal caging round it. As a result he’s spent much less time doing acrobatics this year. He’s had a couple of attempts but has been much less successful. I’ve been scattering bird seed on the grass below the feeder and his mate (I’m assuming) below spends alot of time in the sun sniffing out the seeds and feeding.

Squirrel eating nuts
Grey squirrel – wife of squirrel extraordinaire
Squirrel sitting holding small nuts
Grey squirrel
Grey squirrel holding nuts
Grey squirrel

We’ve spotted some young squirrels so I’m hoping I can get photos of them. The squirrels have built a drey in the pear tree so I know where to spot them, it’s just a case of being quick because they are really fast and don’t seem to do any feeding from the ground yet.

Blue tits

We are pretty sure we have baby blue tits in the box! This blue tit was removing bits from the box and popping his head in and out of the entrance.

Blue tit on bird house
Blue tit

We have a blue tit with a mohawk. I imagine him to have a personality like the Fonz.

Blue tit sitting in tree
Blue tit

The blackbird

We had a couple of warm (ish) sunny days last week and this blackbird spent nearly two hours sitting in the sun with his feathers fanned out. He turned round a few times and sat with his mouth open looking up at the sky.

Blackbird laying in the sun with wings out
Sunbathing blackbird


Chaffinch on a tree branch

I need to get my camera better set up for this type of photo, but I love the lens and am hoping to get more photos of our garden birds and squirrels.

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