Flowering daffodils on a sunny windowsill

Our garden: February 2014

This weeks garden post is all about planning. Not much is really growing at the moment but that’s given me some time to research and think ahead. The first thing I want to share is this amazing bird house I was gifted at the weekend. Everything about it is perfect.

Mint green wooden bird house

It’s painted in a yummy mint green colour, has little wooden tiles nailed to the roof and a strip of copper along the apex. It’s so nice I almost don’t want to put it outside.


I’ve been doing alot of research into plants for the garden. The front garden is South facing so choosing plants for that area of the garden is relatively easy. However, the back is North facing so it’s a little more tricky.

New plants

For the back garden I’ve ordered a Pyracantha Fire Thorn (left). The main reason for choosing this is that birds love the berries. We’re planning to train this against the fence along the side of the house. The plant in the middle is a Camellia Contessa (also for the back garden). This will flower happily in the shade and its petals are marbelled white and red making it look like a boiled sweet.

The last plant on the right is a Buddleia weyeriana ‘Sungold’. You’ll have to use your imagination a little here but it will be covered in pompoms of yellow flowers. I bought this for the front garden because it attracts lots of butterflies/bees.

Bag of Butterfly Gladioli bulbs
Butterfly gladioli bulbs

I have a big bag of Butterfly Gladioli bulbs which came free with my order from the Guardian Garden Centre. No idea where I’m going to plant them yet.

Coral Sunset Peony root
Peony Coral Sunset

And then there’s the Sunset Coral Peony. I discovered this plant on my search for cottage garden plants. I’m not sure what I was expecting to receive but I think it’s safe to say this wasn’t it. What I’d ordered was actually a bare-root peony. Basically, for everyday folks like you and I – a stringy sweet potato with pink shoots that will eventually flower providing you don’t plant it upside down or too deep. I found a video to guide me through the planting process. It’s in the ground, I’m hoping for the best!

Flowering daffodils on a sunny windowsill

I found some Cornish daffodils in our local greengrocers.

Flowering daffodils on a sunny windowsill

I’ve been going through all my seeds. I received alot of seeds for my birthday from my best friend: Oxeye Daisy, Cornflower, Love-in-a-Mist and Forget Me Nots. They’re all traditional cottage garden flowers.

Seeds for planting in the Spring

We also had some poppy seeds stashed away from Scott’s Mum and a big box of wildflower seeds from a fantastic company called Meadow in my Garden.

Countryside view along the lanes

This is the monthly view over the lanes. Everything is looking really bare because we’re in the arse end of Winter but it won’t be long before it’s green again.

Spring Bridesmaid bouquet

Saving the best til last: the bridesmaid bouquet I carried at the weekend. A contrast to the view above and a good reminder of what’s to come!

20 comments on “Our garden: February 2014

  1. Your garden’s going to look stunning and the birds are in for such a treat! #HDYGG

  2. I love planning gardens – all that expectation of what is to come. We can finally get our front garden planted this year now it is finally duck proof!

    • Haha, it’s not very often you hear of people needing to duck proof the garden 🙂

  3. Ahhhh so many pretties I don’t know where to start! Major love for that bird box – some local bird is going to be making a beeline straight to that bad boy!

    I love the planning you are putting into your garden – fingers crossed that will be me next year once the extension work of this year is out of the way. Daffodils make my heart sing – I really must get some myself!

    What a glorious bouquet – must have been quite the special weekend, loving the promise of things to come line at the end – BRING ON SUMMER BABY!!!!!!

    As always thank you for joining in and sharing – I do have the biggest soft spot for your photos 🙂

    • I’ve said that if the birds don’t move into the bird house, I will 🙂 This year will fly by and then you can get started on your garden!

  4. What a great collection! Love the colour of the bird box and the sound of your plans. I need to find some ingesting plants and bulbs for our garden. And that bouquet? Gorgeous 🙂

  5. your garden is going to look so beautiful and full of color!! and that bird house will be just prefect with it 🙂

  6. Ah I love the collection of plants and seeds you have.
    The birdhouse is so beautiful, it will look great when it goes outside and the copper turns green. The flowers are lovely and such a contrast to the image before it, it makes me almost giddy to think we will have flowers like this soon!

    • Same here although then I’ll have to decide whether to leave them in the garden or have them as cut flowers in the house…

  7. That bird box is just fabulous Gemma, beautiful. Does seem such a shame to hang it outside but the birds will just love it I’m sure. You’re amazing with all your planning, we’re so time short at the moment and our poor garden needs lots of love. It is great seeing buds appear though. You’ll have some absolute gems! The bouquet is just wonderful – adore the colours, I hope you had a great day.

    Just saw your note about Devil’s Punch Bowl. We went back at the weekend (to show Daddy) and the car park was rammed as the sun was out. Couldn’t even get in the overflow! When you go, arrive early if it’s sunny. It’s beautiful, can’t wait to go again and explore more x

  8. Oh my goodness where to start i love it all the bird house and i thinki agree with you it looks to nice to go outside, your seeds in old fashioned packets who gives those out anymore the packets are pretty and your burst of colour at the end is just wonderful

  9. The planning stage is so much fun, can’t wait to see it all come together!
    The birdhouse and bouquet are both equally gorgeous.

  10. I love your bird house, I think you’ll have some fighting over who get to live in that!!
    The great thing about gardening is you can keep adding and moving plants, you never run out of things to do. I look forward to seeing your new ones later in the year.

  11. Ohh wasn’t your bouquet pretty and such a lot of good planning coming on, I bet those gladioli will be stunning. Mich x

  12. Love love love the bird box please let me know where I can buy one ?????

    • Hi Maria, this bird box is called ‘Gardman country cottage nest box’ — you can buy it on Amazon and Ethical Superstore. Hope that helps!

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