Potted primroses in a bright red pot

Our garden: January 2014

After weeks of pouring rain we’ve finally had a few days of sunshine and clear nights. And with the clear nights came the first really hard frost.

Roof covered in frost

A family of house sparrows lives in the guttering on the building above. The sparrow on the left sits on the guttering and calls for the others (right) to come back over and over again.

House sparrows on guttering
House sparrows

The photos aren’t great but it’s nice to see some bird activity – I miss watching the birds in the garden like I did when we lived in our flat. Hopefully more birds will discover our garden in the next few months, especially once we have some shrubs and trees for them to perch/hide on.

I’ve been reading about plants that provide food for bees during the Winter/early Spring and discovered primroses. So I picked a few up when we went shopping at the weekend.

Potted primroses in a bright red pot

We bought this cheerful red pot (to match the front door) and filled it with a red flame primrose. The other 5 are in terracotta pots elsewhere in the garden.

Red flame primrose flowers
Red flame primrose

We bought a pink primrose.

Pink primrose flowers
Pink primrose

And 6 cream primroses. Plenty of food for the bees. Plenty of colour for our garden.

Cream primrose flowers
Cream primrose
Mismatching terracotta pots
The terracotta pot collection is coming along nicely

I did all the potting in the new gardening gloves I got for Christmas! It seemed a shame to get them dirty but it would be worse if they sat in the cupboard in pristine condition because they’d never been used. My hands were frozen solid by the time I finished but I refuse to be beaten by the Winter!

Floral gardening gloves

And talking of Christmas, one of the gifts we received was a miniature apple tree.

Apple tree leaves and buds

At the moment it’s a big stalk around 5ft tall. It has one perfectly curled leaf on the top and buds all the way up. I can’t wait to see this come to life in the Spring.

Alstroemeria flowers

The weather has been awful and the house has been feeling quite dark so I’ve been brightening the house up with flowers. I’ve been buying the occasional bunch of Alstroemerias because I like their scruffiness and they last for ages. The green and red flowers are my favourite but this purple bunch is lovely too. I feel a bit bad buying flowers flown half way around the world and really should pick plants from where I live instead. I’m not sure people living along the lanes wouldn’t appreciate me hacking away at their plants with scissors though. When I have a garden full of flowers, I’ll pick my own.

On a side note, I accidentally dug up one of my daffodil bulbs while planting the primroses and it had shoots about an inch long. So hopefully it won’t be too long before all the bulbs I planted start popping up. Roll on Spring and sunny weather.

17 comments on “Our garden: January 2014

  1. I’m desperate to get out into the garden, but we have very heavy clay soil and the grass is so waterlogged that it’s a mud bath so even if we have a sunny day it’s still quite treacherous to get out! Am waiting (not terribly patiently) for some better weather so I can get out and get stuck in! Lovely photo’s and great to see some colour.

    • The soil in our back garden contains alot of clay so I share your frustration with that! Lets hope we get some better weather soon 🙂

  2. the primroses are just beautiful! love the way they all look in the terracotta pots

  3. Roll on Spring indeed Gemma! There have been a few buds appearing so I do hope it’s not far away. I love your Primroses, they are just wonderful. So nice to see some colour. Funny you should mention birds, we have some chirping away at 2am at the moment, must be jiggy jiggy time 🙂

    • Ah thanks Charly. 2am is early time of morning for jiggy jiggy – even for the most enthusiastic! You might see lots of fledglings next year then.

  4. Beautiful! I so love your terracotta pots – I’ve been sketching plans for my front garden this week and pots feature heavily.
    I was reading in the newspaper today about how Spring is starting really early and birds, ladybirds and bulbs are starting already – good news 🙂
    I’ve spied lots of daffs popping up at the side of the road – their tightly closed green buds on top tease me as I drive by. Loving the colours in your garden and indoors too – agree, this weather leaves the houses a bit darker inside – a little colour injection goes a long way!

    Thanks for joining in and sharing again lovely x

    • Thanks Annie, your comments always make me smile. I really should draw a paper plan for the garden, might help me stay focused. I’m a bit like a magpie around shiney things when it comes to plants and seeds at the moment!

  5. Oh, it looks like you are coming along nicely in your garden/yard! I love the primrose and garden gloves are my favorite!

  6. Those primroses look so perfect and I love that red terracotta pot. I only have a few pots, I’d love to get some more to add a bit more texture and height.

  7. Lovely photos. I’ve been sad at my neglected garden this winter- all flooded and windswept and I don’t know where to start. I may buy some primroses to cheer up my garden as a start!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


    • That sounds like a good plan Claire. I have jobs that need starting but I keep doing a bit of what I fancy instead. The hard work will start in a couple of months time.

  8. Oooh, I have those red pots too. Yours look lovely filled with primroses, especially the cream ones. It’s so exciting to think that daffodils are about to flower again. Very much ready for warm sun and bright flowers!

  9. love the first shot… frost is so pretty! so sweet to have a family of sparrows living in the guttering, lovely photos x

    • Yes! I’m hoping we’ll see them out and about a bit more when the weather perks up.

  10. Love your pots and love the primroses they are such a garden staple

  11. Aww cute little birds, love seeing them about their business. Primroses are probably on of my favourite flowers – they look lovely in your pots.

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