Handful of green beans

Our garden: July 2014 (2)

The veg patch is having a real growth spurt at the moment and we’ve eaten something from the garden nearly every day this week. Our hard work is paying off. I opened the curtains one morning to find a courgette flower beaming back up at me. At the moment we only have male flowers, no courgettes yet.

Bright yellow courgette flower

We’ve been eating lots of red salad leaves. I forgot to thin them out so the row is jam packed – I’ve picked enough for three salads this week and there’s still plenty left.

Harvesting lettuce from raised bed

I love the colours in the leaves, they really liven up even the simplest of salads.

Red and green salad leaves

We’ve eaten some delicious dwarf French beans (called ‘The Prince’). After munching on these I’m going to make an effort not to buy beans out of season from the supermarket.

Handful of green beans

Our runner beans were a bit slow to get started but are covered in flowers now. Scotts Grandparents gave us these plants, they kept some for themselves and also gave some to Scott’s Mum. His Mum has managed to grow a 15 inch bean. 15 inches!! It has become a talking point in the family and sparked quite a few bean related innuendoes 🙂

Red runner bean flower

These are the two raised beds. I’m taking a ‘plant it and see’ attitude as it’s our first year in this house/garden. Everything’s gone a bit berserk but is healthy.

Raised vegetable bed

This bed has less in it due to the leaky guttering flooding the other half when it rains.

Raised beds and terracotta pots

In the front garden our Crocosmia are flowering.

Orange Crocosmia

Some Love-in-a-mist have popped up. I didn’t plant any and the flowerbed was bare grass when we moved in so I’m assuming they were in the wildflower seed mix we scattered in Spring.

Blue Love-in-a-mist

These flowers were another gift. I’m not sure what they are but they really brighten the front up.

Yellow flower

While walking along the lanes last week I spotted some green blackberries! They remind me of eggs in a birds nest.

Green blackberries

On one hand it feels like Summer hasn’t been here long and now the blackberries are starting to appear. I’ve actually seen the odd ripe one too. But it means we are getting closer to homemade blackberry jam and blackberry picking is one of my favourite foodie things of the year… and not just because you get to walk around with zombie hands for a couple of days afterwards (although that does make it more enjoyable).

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32 comments on “Our garden: July 2014 (2)

  1. Ahh yes, like little eggs in a nest! We picked a few blackberries last weekend – and when I instagrammed a photo of one I was told that a few people have even picked enough for a crumble already! It does feel like Summer but with a subtle nod to Autumn, with the blackberries and heather starting already.
    My courgettes seem to be starting to just sprout male flowers too, on the advice of my neighbour I’ve been snapping off any male stalks appearing. We’ve grown dwarf french beans here too – man they are yummy aren’t they? Its the first time I’ve truly appreciated the huge difference between homegrown and shop bought.
    Loving how good your pots are looking all lined up- thanks for joining in again Gemma!

    • Maybe the hot Summer has helped the blackberries ripen sooner then. I’ll have to keep an eye down the lanes. Thanks for the courgette advice, I’ll snap the males off. I really should stuff some with cheese!

  2. Stunning photos! Your veg patch is looking lovely. Love in the mist are so pretty, love them…you have reminded me that I want some in my garden xxx

    • Having them come up in the garden was a nice surprise. I’d actually bought a pack of love-in-a-mist seeds but I’ll save them for next year now.

  3. Ahh, I’ve just found out what my flowers are called ,thank you! I’ve got some love in a mist too-what a fantastic name 🙂

  4. I love runner bean flowers, the colour is so vibrant. It looks like you’ve got a great veggie patch, I’m most jealous!

    • Thank you Phoebe. It took a while for things to get going, but now there’s no stopping them!

  5. I’m so jealous of your vegetable garden! I can’t wait until we can have one of our own again. And now I’ve discovered that some of the flowers in our garden are Crocosmia! Beautiful photos.

    • I hope you get a garden again soon! The Crocosmia are beautiful aren’t they.

  6. Those courgettes will come soon enough. I grew mine specifically for the flowers but still can’t keep up. It’s such a wonderful time of the year to able to walk into the vegetable garden and have a choice of things pick for dinner.

    • I hope so. I’ve bookmarked lots of courgette recipes, now I just need the courgettes!

  7. i love that you have actually been eating out of your garden. it looks great! love all the terra cotta pots.

    • Thanks Claudia. We’ve been very lucky as lots of people have given us pots, so everything looks nice and mismatched.

  8. We’re eating courgettes non-stop at the moment … and are growing one enourmous one into a marrow. Unfortunately peas and beetroots now finished and still waiting on fennel and beans.

    • I’m hoping to grow one of our courgettes into a marrow, for stuffing with pork mince and cheese. So tasty!

  9. Your garden is in bloom! Looks lovely!

    We’ve got a fair few courgettes almost ready for picking! Bring on the glut!!

    • Thank you 🙂 Hope you’ve got lots of good recipes ready for your glut!

  10. wow, blackberries already – I must keep my eyes peeled around here. We always grow red salad leaves,as you say, they really enliven a salad.

    • They do. I think these red leaves will become a staple crop in our garden from now on.

  11. I’m so jealous of your veg garden! Because we knew we’d be moving house we didn’t plant anything this year, but I am really looking forward to choosing a spot in my new garden and going a bit mad next year 🙂 #HDYGG

    • I felt like that last year before we moved into this house. I dug up a few plants to take with us but didn’t grow anything new. But I’ve made up for that this year!

  12. Seems very early for blackberries doesn’t it. Your garden is looking amazing, fantastic you are reaping the rewards

  13. my goodness! the red bean blossoms are stunning! and I must find the dwarf green bean variety. I do like smaller green beans. you’re garden is going gangbusters! you must be so proud!

    • They are! If they didn’t turn into beans I’d be picking them for the house 🙂

  14. Aw lovely to see you at work and to zoom out a bit and see the veg patches too! Lovely garden.

    • Thanks Penny! I need to take more zoomed out photos, now the garden looks better I can!

  15. It’s all looking lovely, Gemma 🙂 I love your raised beds, they look really smart, and the veggies seem to be doing really well. I have raised beds as a bit of an experiment this year, and have been quietly impressed with how things are growing in such a small space (hubby was not convinced anything would grow lol). Fab pics too 🙂

    • Thanks Emma 🙂 I feel the same. Our garden is a good size but not overly large – but we’ve managed to pack a lot in.

  16. Your garden is looking gorgeous, and how wonderful to be reaping the rewards of your hardwork.

    • Thanks Amanda – it does feel good to finally see all the hard work paying off 🙂

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