Bright blue borage flower

Our garden: May 2014 (2)

It feels like there are new things happening in the garden every day at the moment. The front garden is starting to fill up with insect friendly flowers and the vegetable garden in the back no longer looks like a bare patch of soil.

The borage has its first flower. Apparently the flowers and leaves taste like cucumber and you can add them to salads and juices, I’ll report back once I’ve tried them.

Bright blue borage flower

The rose bush we were given as a house warming gift has its first flower of the year and it smells amazing. Despite researching how to prune roses I still wasn’t sure what to do so I decided to wing it, feeling a little nervous we’d have no flowers this year.

Yellow Laura Ford rose

But it’s full of rose buds! Whoppeee!

Yellow Laura Ford rose bud

The collection of terracotta pots is growing and they are now looking a bit more weathered. I’m glad they don’t look so new anymore.

Terracotta plant pots

The sage seedlings have their first true leaves and are growing quickly.

Sage seedlings

I think this is a trailing Petunia (correct me if I’m wrong), it has petals like velvet. I picked this up at the Farmers’ Market to give the garden some colour.

Purple and cream Petunia

I planted these Nemesia this week and they smell absolutely amazing. The pink and white ones below smell sweet and floral but I also bought a white version that smells like vanilla. When the sun has been on them all day the smell is really strong.

Purple, white and yellow Nemesia

I picked up this Myosotis (Forget Me Not) because I liked the unusual colours. I have seeds for the traditional blue flowers to plant towards the end of the Summer.

Myosotis Pink

The kale has its first true leaf. It’s going to be quite a while before it’s ready to eat though.

Kale seedling

I picked up a bargain at Homebase: 20 snap dragon plants for £1.75!

Pink and yellow Snap Dragons

I’ve used them to pad out the troughs we put up a couple of weeks ago.

Iron trough filled with plants

A few months ago I ordered a Buddleja weyeriana ‘Sungold’. I’ve been eagerly waiting the first signs of life but am sad to report that I’ve been watering a pet stick 🙁 I think it died over the Winter. I scratched off a bit of the bark with my nail and it was brown rather than green underneath. Not really sure what happened but I’ve ordered another one.

Dead buddleia - brown, split stick

I’ve grown most of the plants for the vegetable garden from seed this year but couldn’t resist this ‘ready made’ broad bean plant. The flowers smell great and it adds a bit of green to the raised beds whilst everything else is still seedlings.

White broad bean flower

I spotted this lilac growing in the garden opposite us, it’s beautiful.

Purple flowers

And that’s all folks! Happy no.52 Annie! 🙂

24 comments on “Our garden: May 2014 (2)

  1. so beautiful! love your collection of pots and different flowers. lovely pictures

    • Thanks Claudia. It’s nice to see it all coming together at last 🙂

  2. oh love your borage tip i must grow some i love flowers in salad

    • I’ve only had flowers in a salad once, they were delicious!

  3. I love how your pots are of different sizes in there and they look so chic together! Everything looks like theyve grown fr the last time =) #HDYGG

    • Thanks Merlinda! A few of them have been gifts and others have been scavenged which has helped get some variation.

  4. Thank you!
    Good luck with the borage – I do hope it’s not like the time someone told me clovers are sweet like honey to chew and ended up eating what tasted like ‘lawn’!
    You garden is looking delightful, I love all the soft colours in it and the pots- such pot envy – I have lots of pots lined up the side of the house empty but they are all plastic terracotta coloured ones and they just don’t inspire me! Mind you I have acquired a palette to plant up with alpines so I can’t grumble too much 😉

    Liking the sound of Nemesia, especially the vanilla-scented one. Yet more inspiration! Thanks Gemma 🙂

    I have yet to find a scone for my jam and clotted cream and may be sulking.

    Thanks for joining in again – I can’t believe how fast the gardens are filling up.

    PS I’ve a free P&P when you spend £35 or more code for the RSPB website:T14GEN0029 – valid til the 15th May – tempted by the Birdsong picnic set myself!

    • I hope it doesn’t taste like lawn, you never know with these things. Look forward to seeing what you do with your palette – I quite fancy a palette herb garden. I hope you’ve managed to find a scone by now and thanks for the discount code!

  5. I love your post collection, they look just gorgeous. And yes, weathered is prettier!

  6. lovely soft muted colours in your garden at the moment, and that rose is so beautiful, I love a yellow rose! x

  7. I love all of your pots, I have such a tiny patio that my son takes over that space, would love to have more pots! #HDYGG

    • Perhaps you could put up wall mounted pots to save space on your patio? You can buy wall mount kits for existing pots too.

  8. Those forget me nots are so pretty and I love the terracotta pots too. Will be interested to see what you make of the Borage too 🙂

  9. I love reading your garden blog it makes me feel all warm and tingly inside seeing everything begin to spring into life is a real pick me up whilst at work well done Gemma.

    • Thanks Tina 🙂 We just need to get the rose trained up the wall now!

  10. You’ve got lots of great colour growing in your garden, bet it all smell lovely. I love your collection of pots very envious!!

  11. Now you’ve inspired me to plant up some more pots!!

  12. Your photos are amazing, so sharp. I love the petunia, they are like velvet. I’ve planted some in a pallet planter as plugs so hopefully in a few weeks I will have gorgeous colourful flowers.

    • Thanks Sam! You’ll have to post some pics when they all come into flower.

  13. Oh your terracotta pot collection is lovely and your right they do look nicer when they don’t look so new. I’m on the look out for some Long Tom ones.

  14. I love your choice of plants. Don’t broad bean plants have such lovely flowers too?

    • They do! I never knew the flowers were so pretty, would make good cut flowers if they weren’t needed to make beans 🙂

  15. It’s all looking wonderful Gemma, really beautiful. Lovely to see all your different plants coming along and flowers blooming x #HDYGG

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