Young kale plant

Our garden: May 2014 (3)

Over the last few weeks we’ve been working on the front and back garden at the same time. Because we’ve been adding little bits here and there I didn’t realise how much we’d actually done until I found some old photos on my camera card.

The front garden

The borage is nearly a whopping 1 metre tall and is so big I’ve had to tie it to canes to support the stalks and the huge amount of flowers. A few weeks ago it was only about 15cm tall. The flowers are edible but they are nice to look at and the bees love them so I’ve not picked any.

Bright blue borage flowers

The Hebe Sapphire I ordered online that arrived looking a bit dead has sprung to life and I’ve spotted some flower buds.

Hebe Sapphire buds
Hebe Sapphire

I’ve seen lupins flowering in other peoples gardens but nothing appears to be happening with ours yet. The leaves are nice to look at even if there aren’t any flowers.

Lupin leaves from above My dodgey experimental rose pruning efforts weren’t so bad afterall because our rose bush is crammed full of flowers. There are now enough of them to make the front garden smell nice. Yellow Laura Ford roses

I love these pompoms of pale pink flowers on the Verbana Coral.

Verbana Coral flowers
Verbana Coral

The back garden

Until this week the raised beds were looking a bit empty because most things have been grown from seed. The first row of spinach is ready to eat. I’ve planted four rows of it successionally so we should have a steady supply rather than a glut all at once. Although we gannit our way through big bags of supermarket spinach in a few days so it wouldn’t go uneaten.

Young spinach plants

The kale has grown 10cm in 2 weeks. It won’t be ready for a long time so I hope it tastes as good as I think it will.

Young kale plant

And I found the first few broad bean pods! I’ve never grown broad beans before so if anyone has any tips please drop me a comment below!

First broad bean pod
Broad bean pod

I read they can be mobbed by blackfly so I thought I’d experiment with companion planting and put some nasturtiums nearby.

Nasturtium leaves

These strawberry plants came with us from our flat. After the move they spent too long in their plastic pots. Then were then attacked by caterpillars because they were some of the only living plants in a fully paved garden. But despite all of that they are setting fruit. Troopers.

Green strawberry

And lastly I want to introduce you to my new favourite herb. Lemon thyme. All the deliciousness of thyme with some lemony zing. I think it’ll taste fantastic with roast chicken or some new potatoes. Thyme is my most used herb in the kitchen so I want it to get a bit larger before I start trimming bits off.

Green and yellow lemon thyme leaves
Lemon thyme

Lately we’ve been referred to as ‘the couple who are always out in the garden’ a few times. People stop and ask me what I’ve planted and one man even thanked us for putting the troughs up because it made the street looks nice. I like it when I’m in the kitchen and I see people have a nose over the garden wall.

22 comments on “Our garden: May 2014 (3)

  1. It’s all coming to life now, and I do like the look of that lemon thyme, I think I’ll add some to our herb patch, thanks 🙂

    • Do, it’s lovely. I’ve had a cheeky nibble and it’s so lemony!

  2. it’s all looking wonderful! the borage is especially pretty… I might have to add that to our list for next year! x

  3. Oooh, your borage looks lovely. I had some seeds to plant this year, but my mother-in-law alarmed me with tales of its prolific self-seeding and that it would take over my garden. You’ll have to tell me if that’s the case!

    Wishing I had planted it now though, as yours looks glorious and none of my other seeds (cornflower, nigella etc) have grown beyond 2cm seedlings still…

    • I’ve heard that about the self-seeding too. I wouldn’t mind if it spread a little, hopefully it won’t take up the whole front garden though as it’s not that big 🙂

  4. looking good! that borage is absolutely gorgeous! love its color

    • Me too, hoping the colour will sit well with all the cornflowers I’ve planted.

  5. love your borage this is a plant that is on my list to try out next year and im so glad your sharing that it has a great spread

  6. *adds lemon thyme to my herb planting list*

    It’s all looking so lovely – and I love that people peek over to have a nose. Not a bad reputation to be labelled with, heavens only know what people call me round here 😉
    Roses are something that I’ve never grown but would love to one day, we’re going through a bit of an unsettled time here at present where a possible move might be on the cards so I’m taking my foot off the planning gas, so to speak.
    I always want to go out into my own garden and tinker after reading your garden posts. Your blog always has a very calm vibe to it. Thank you for joining in again – and you’ll always be ‘the one who makes me crave cheese of toast’ to me 🙂

    • This is the first time I’ve had roses so I don’t really know what I’m doing 🙂 Perhaps you could put a rose in a pot then if you move it could go with you? I feel the same when I read your garden posts, although I always feel I should try and be a better gardener (and photographer) after seeing your photos.

  7. Lemon Thyme is lovely – I shall be another adding it to my planting list I think. Your plants are all looking so wonderful, even the strawberries. It’s nice that your neighbours appreciate your efforts too.

  8. Your garden is looking great! Those strawberries are really growing x

  9. I am so inspired with your garden really! Everytime I saw your post of potted plants I am craving for my own too! Saying that I am thinking OMG is she the one with potted plants cuz why is her plants on soil =P

    Anyways your plants all looks awesome and even if you are not that girl I still envy your plants cuz they look so green and healthy! LIke they have a pregnant womans glow =)


    • Ah thanks Merlinda! You remembered correctly, we do have lots of potted plants. We are lucky to have a small front garden where we can plant things directly into the ground. Thanks for reading 🙂

  10. I love the borage flowers, such a vivid blue. I also have a little lemon thyme which I bought as ground cover really (and for the scent too!).

  11. You have a splendid garden! Adding strawberries is on my to do list, yours look great!

  12. When growing beans keep an eye out for blackfly that can quickly multiply to enormous numbers on the shoot tips – if this happens you can nip out both the infected tips and any that are not yet infected to discourage this little blighters! Good luck …. oh and I freeze borage flowers in ice cube trays to add you summer drinks!

    • Thanks for the blackfly tip Rosie, I’ll keep an eye out. Love the idea of freezing borage in ice cubes!

  13. Everything is really coming on. the house warming rose is looking good, I do love the Borage flowers. did you say they can be used in salads or did I imagine it, also ice cube idea sounds great, do you think it is too late to try and find an established plant?

    • Yes, they can be used in salads. I don’t think it’s too late, you might buy a smaller plant but if it grows as quickly as ours has it will be full of flowers in no time. We picked ours up at the garden centre. It looked a bit pooped when we bought it but it soon perked up.

  14. Just look at those strawberries Gemma they’re going to be divine! You’ve been working so hard on everything, we’re so behind in comparison. We shall have a veg garden one day! The borage looks absolutely fabulous and I’m sure the lupins will do soon. It must be great that people are recognising how much effort you’ve put in. Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday 🙂

    • I hope so 🙂 I want to smother them in cream and sugar. Fingers crossed for the lupins. Have a great bank holiday Charly and thanks for reading.

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