Green and cream Clematis flower petals

Our garden: May 2014

It has been a very wet week indeed. I haven’t minded too much because it has helped the garden spring to life. On Sunday we went to Farnham Farmers’ Market. Normally I’m excited to buy lots of nice food but this time I was after plants from Pepperpot Nursery.

New plants

I picked up St. Johns Wort, Soapwort, Lovage, Sage Painted, Cardoon and Echinacea. It started chucking it down with rain as I was plating them so most are still sitting in their original pots.

Rows of terracotta plant pots

The ‘ready made’ marigold plants I bought are starting to flower and the yellow ones are amazingly bright! So bright in fact, I’m surprised they don’t glow in the dark.

Bright yellow and orange Marigolds

The Montana Miss Christine (clematis) is flowering. Before the flowers open the petals are pale green with a dusty pink stripe – in some ways I prefer them to the opened flowers.

White Clematis flowers - Montana Miss Christine
Clematis – Montana Miss Christine

And the Guernsey Cream clematis is flowering too. I need to find the critter munching on the leaves.

Green and cream Clematis flower
Clematis – Guernsey Cream

Green and cream Clematis flower petals

Flower buds have started to appear on the borage. This plant has grown like a beast since we put it in a month or so ago.

Borage flower buds

The bluebells are finally starting to do something! We’ve seen lots on our walks so I was worried ours weren’t going to flower, especially as this is their first year in. But it looks like they will afterall. I don’t think there will be as many as I’d hoped for as the wood pigeons have trampled a few.

Closed Bluebell buds

And the wet weather this week has helped the marigold seeds germinate. Its taken about 3 weeks to get to this stage.

Marigold seedlings
Marigold seedlings

I was poking around the raised beds and found some flowers on the strawberry plants! Already! In previous years they haven’t flowered until June.

Early strawberry flowers

We were at Borough Market on Saturday and I got this little Bay bush for £4. I really wanted one for the garden so I’d have fresh leaves to cook with.

Young Bay shrub

I kept finding twigs in the raised bed and couldn’t work out where they were all coming from. It turns out the house sparrows have been collecting them for their nests. When I find a big one I laugh to myself because I can imagine them trying to wrestle it under the guttering!

House sparrow with twigs in his mouth

20 comments on “Our garden: May 2014

  1. that marigold really is luminous! it looks like your clematis are growing well, I keep finding tiny snails in ours! x

  2. Such a lot of gardening activity! Our strawberry plant also has two flowers now. I want to grow more herbs and am inspired by your choices x

    • Good to hear your strawberry plant has flowers too, was starting to think mine had gone a bit topsy turvy 🙂

  3. Ahhhh so lovely! I am itching to buy some herbs for my raised beds once they are done. the good news is that my digging’s now done, bolts to hold them together are due today and I’ve found someone local giving away topsoil – so soon, soon!
    Live the white clematis – I don’t think I’ve seen a white one before, it’s ever so pretty. Love re bird shot too – I’m the new bessie mate of local birds with all my digging antics, a baby blackbird hopped over my foot the other day. No fear!

    Thanks for joining in and sharing again 🙂

    PS. Love how you have your email address in your nav bar – I’m going to have to do that on mine now – makes such sense!

    • I’m really looking forward to see how your raised beds turn out and what you grow in them. I couldn’t do without fresh herbs now, I use them in everything! Great news that you got some free topsoil 🙂

  4. What a lovely little sparrow. I would love to grow some strawberries, maybe next year!

  5. What a fantastic shot of the sparrow – I love watching the birds outside just now. They are always so busy. A good move buying the Bay – ours is so big now and very handy for cooking with!

    • They are! Ours are getting through loads of bird food at the moment – they eat so much I’m surprised they don’t look like tennis balls with wings.

  6. looks like you got some nice new green babies as i like to call them. your garden is looking lovely

  7. Wow that yellow flower is shouting color =P

    Love everything in your garden!


  8. Lovely detailed photos, you’ve inspired me to hunt down a bay too, the leaves look so lush!

  9. I’m so jealous so many plants and herbs I’d love to plant too. Sigh. And a sweet sparrow to admire.

  10. Oh wow Gemma the Pepperpot nursery sounds brilliant – and it’s local too! Their herbs are wonderful and I love the marigolds, what a great colour! Your clematis is doing so well, the borage and the bluebells are looking really good too. Nice to hear about Borough Market, we used to live in South London so I know it well. I love the sparrow photo, what a great capture 🙂

    • Thanks for the lovely comment Charly! Borough Market is ace, so much nice food and the Bay tree was a bonus that day!

  11. I have never seen Montana Guernsey Cream before – thank you so much for giving the name… it really is stunning – so soft, pure and gentle.
    All your pictures are stunning, but I think I’m going to have to get some Guernsey Cream!!
    I do love your pots too..!
    Emma 🙂

  12. Gorgeous photos! and how cute is that bird just sitting there perched on the drain pipe 🙂 #HDYGG

  13. What a cutie holding his branch! The Clematis looks positively full of grace.

  14. I just LOVE that photograph of the sparrow – such a fab capture! #HDYYG

  15. I planted some clematis lasy year so hopefull they will flower this year. Yours look brilliant. I might look out for a bay tree, as I use the leaves in stews all the time. I love you photo of the little sparrow 🙂

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