Flowering tips of white winter heather

Our garden: November 2013

Another week has passed and the garden has got a little greener. At the beginning of September I ordered some Winter flowering heathers from the Guardian Garden Centre. Last Thursday they finally arrived! I’d never ordered plants online before so wasn’t really sure what to expect. They came wrapped up in plastic casing, not a snapped branch in sight and looking very healthy.

5 young Winter heather plants

The set includes lilac, pink, red, white and golden starlet. I have no idea what colour each plant will be but I think the one on the far right is the golden starlet.

Tete-a-tete daffodil bulbs
Daffodil bulbs

They also sent me these Narcissus Tete-a-tete daffodil bulbs for free so I’ve planted a row along the front of the house.

White heather

Potted white winter flowering heather
White Winter hardy heather

I seem to be have heather on the brain at the moment. I bought this white Winter hardy heather from a local garden centre last week. I don’t feel too guilty because it’s good for the bees. In my mind it goes something like: buy heather – happy bees – planet saved – happy Gemma.

Flowering tips of white winter heather

Little Heath

Little Heath plant
Little Heath shrub

I also picked up this Little Heath shrub from the same garden centre I bought the white heather from. Tina has one in her garden and says the leaves turn red, which I liked the sound of. It doesn’t grow monsterously big either which is a bonus.

Eve Price

Eve Price shrub
Eve Price Shrub

And this is the third plant I bought that week. An Eve Price shrub from the plant man at the Maltings monthly market. The buds you can see will turn into lacecap white flowers. Until now I’ve always walked past his stall because he generally sells shrubs and trees – we didn’t have enough space for anything that big. This plant is already about a metre tall and will grow to a decent size, enough to create a new level of greenery in the garden.


I did a bad thing. I was in need of a pot. One of the pots I planted garlic in looked like it wasn’t doing anything so I assumed the clove was a dud. I tipped the soil out to find…

Long Autumn garlic roots
Oh no she didn’t (yes she did)

A sprouting garlic bulb with huge roots. Balls! I was a bit annoyed with myself. It smelt so garlicky, I honestly didn’t think a clove with a few roots could smell so strong. I quickly planted it in the herb bed with the other garlic and am hoping for the best.

Garlic roots too big for pot

I looked at the bottom of the pot containing the garlic that had sprouted and realised there is no way it’s going to be big enough. I’m glad I only planted 2 in pots now but I’m not sure whether to transfer this one to the herb bed or whether that will upset it. Does anyone have any advice? Now I know the roots are forming well on the other plants, my only real worry is too much rainfall which could result in rot. Fingers crossed for a good harvest next year. I’m hoping my homegrown garlic will be strong enough to smell from space but I realise this is a tall order considering it’s my first year growing it.

A walk with a view

Countryside view of Autumn trees

And lastly, this is the view over a garden wall on one of our lunchtime walks. Autumn has definitely arrived.

24 comments on “Our garden: November 2013

  1. Those arrivals do look really healthy and well-packaged – exciting times when things turn up – I’m waiting for a bare-root rose any time now, fingers crossed. Hope the garlic survives it’s mishap, and love that last photo – autumn indeed.

    • Hope your bare-root rose arrives soon, it’s painful waiting for things to be delivered when you really want them!

  2. I planted some daffodils in a pot last week, along with hyacinth and anemone. These are the first things I’ve planted so fingers crossed they flower in spring! I love the look of the white heather, very pretty x

    • They’ll look amazing when they all come up! I never thought about growing my own hyacinths, I really should because they are quite expensive to buy cut and I really love them.

  3. Beautiful pictures, such a lovely time of year! I love planting bulbs and waiting to see whether they come or not. Living abroad we tend to rent houses as we never know how long we will be in one place, but I always plant bulbs under a tree or two, and like to look on the crocuses, snow drops and other tiny spring flowers as a parting gift to the owner when we move on! PS. I think the garlic would be OK if you move it again, I think it’s quite hardy…

    • What a nice surprise for the next tenants 🙂 You’ve just reminded me that I really should plant some snowdrops, they were my Grandma’s favourite! Thanks for the garlic advice.

  4. so many wonderful things happening. i love the shots of the white heather. looks like tiny pine trees covered in snow. and that last shot… beautiful.

  5. Oh you take the best photos you know that, yes? The white heather looks so perfect and dainty, although you have now given yourself the nickname Heather-Head 😉

    I always feel like I am wandering round your garden with you reading your posts, pottering together, minus the scary tooth and smelly garlic of course… You really are busy in the garden at the moment – and that last view is well ‘Ahhhh’, the stuff worthy of a big sigh and a stop and lookie.

    Thanks for joining in again x

    • Aw thanks Annie, that means alot 🙂 Heather-head indeed. I need to start bulk buying something else to balance it out! I’m glad it feels like you’re wandering round the garden with me. I never know if I write too much (I literally empty the contents of my brain into these posts), so I’m glad you find it interesting. Hoping to find more great views like the last photo 🙂

  6. Your plant buys look really amazing, but wow, that last shot over your garden wall just blew me away! I am experiencing serious garden view jealousy (looking out, I can see the backs of some Victorian semis, a few cats prowling across the Cuprinol-tango-orange fences and a gigantic tree growing behind next door’s shed, which I am pretty sure has self-seeded and shouldn’t be there…)

    • Thanks Sabrina! I wish that was my garden wall – I was actually peeping over someone elses hoping they wouldn’t come out and tell me off 🙂 Well you’re one up on me because I can’t see any cats, just lots and lots of crows. Your blog is great too, love all your crafty projects!

  7. PS – So pleased to have found your blog, it’s a great read and your photos are just gorgeous. Will be following along eagerly!

  8. wow, you have been busy Gemma. I love your Heathers and bet they will all look terrific once they settle in for you. Little Heath is a gorgeous plant, I love it when the leaves all start to go red. I’m loving the look of your Eve Price too, you’ll have to post pictures of it as the blooms open.
    Fingers crossed that your garlic survives too xx

    • Thanks Nichola. I’ve spotted a few flowers peeping out on the Eve Price so hopefully it won’t be too long before they all come out.

  9. Oh, I love heathers – we had two beds of heather in our last house, I miss them! That last photo is simply stunning – what a view 🙂

    • By my simple equation, if you buy heathers the planet is saved. I think you should buy some more 😉

  10. Gosh Gemma, you’ve been so busy again. Your garden must look incredible! I love your heathers and two new shrubs, they’ll look wonderful. So nice to get some colour in the garden too. Lovely photos as usual and that autumnal one is fabulous 🙂

    • Thanks Charly! There’s still alot of work to do, I just focus on the nice bits for now 🙂

  11. Goodness you have been busy – all I managed last week was some deadheading and lots of weeding. I hope your garlic survives. Hubby has planted loads in our garden as we brought a selection pack from the Isle of Wight Garlic Farm.

  12. I can’t give you any advice. I just kill plants in pots! Love the look of the white heather 🙂

  13. You can’t beat Erica carnea for winter colour. I love the white one. I can’t understand why supermarkets sell those awful dyed ones at this time of the year when the natural colours are so gorgeous.
    I love the view over your garden wall.

    • Erica looks like a beautiful plant! I’ll keep an eye out for some next time I go to the garden centre. I agree, natural looks better!

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