Rain drops on window

Our garden: October 2013 (2)

The continual rain over the last few weeks has given me an incentive to tackle the inside of the new house. We were waiting for alot of bits to arrive and until they did there wasn’t much we could do indoors, which gave us plenty of time to make headway with the garden before Winter arrives.

Rain drops on window

Autumn garlic

Apart from the herbs we aren’t growing much in the back garden yet. But two weeks ago a green shoot appeared.

Young Autumn garlic shoot
First garlic shoot

It’s the first sign of life from the garlic I planted at the beginning of the month! I put 7 cloves in the ground and waited (im)patiently for something to happen – which felt like a really long time even though it wasn’t really.

Autumn garlic shoots in soil

There wasn’t much activity from the other cloves until the beginning of this week. Other shoots have started to appear and one of the elephant garlic cloves in pots has sprouted too. The soil in those photos looks terrible but I spent ages picking out stones from that bed, then the rain came and washed the soil down and a whole new layer of stones appeared. Lucky me! 🙂


Do you remember the mint cutting I took in August? I say cutting in the loosest sense of the word because I really just tore a root out of the ground and put it in a pot.

Potted mint plant

The plant suffered a bit during the move but has recovered and grown into a big pot of mint! Now we have mint again, we can make lots of noodle salad with peanuts, yum!


Ladybird on lavender plant

I finally found a bug in the garden that isn’t a snail, spider or leafroller…we have our first ladybird!

Honeysuckle (I think)

Honeysuckle on trellis

Some sort of creeping plant is growing over the trellis from next doors garden. I think it’s a honeysuckle (please correct me if I’m wrong). I’m hoping that when our new neighbours move in, they don’t get rid of it because it’s one of the few bits of greenery in both gardens at the moment.

Buried treasure

I’ve spent quite a bit of time digging over the soil in order to get rid of large stones and bits of junk. I found quite a few pieces of broken pots, tiles and mirrors. Most of them are blue, green or white so I’m keeping all the good ones to make some sort of mosaic with. Not completely sure what it will be yet, I’m going to keep digging and see what else I find before I decide. Possibly a decorative tile or pot. Any ideas?

Pieces of broken ceramic pots and mirrors
Buried treasure

On the other end of the scale I dug up something not to nice. I was rubbing soil in my hands to break up large clumps and was slightly horrified when I found a tooth!

Mystery tooth
Buried horror

At first I thought it looked slightly human (I am not a dentist), which made me think:

  1. Someone is buried under the patio, there’s probably a skull
  2. If it’s Roman I could call Time Team (preferred option)
  3. It’s not human (most likely but less exciting than calling Time Team)
  4. It’s a sheep tooth. If anyone knows for sure, please drop me a comment!

Jazzing up the shed

The latest addition to the garden is some bunting I made for the shed 🙂

Crochet bunting in our shed
Shed bunting

And what’s happened since the beginning of October. I planted some Winter salad and perpetual spinach seeds this week, which will hopefully give us some tasty greens over the Winter.

19 comments on “Our garden: October 2013 (2)

  1. Ooh – the tooth! Please let it be a sheep tooth! Nice to see a few shoots coming through – I’m very impatient with things like that, too. Pretty bunting 🙂

    • Thank you! I think I’m going to tell myself it’s a sheep tooth just to stop my mind wandering…

  2. Only you could make rain on a window look so beautiful! First of all let me get this out of the way IT’S A TOOTH ARGH! *screams*, deep breath Annie, deeeep breath…
    Yay for the garlic and mint, I’ll have to check out the noodle salad recipe, sounds tasty. Love the ladybird photo – I found one on my kitchen window yesterday – think they are formulating a plan of attack?!
    You already know I love your bunting skillz but I don’t know anything about Winter salad, though I know a couple of folk growing it – is that indoors or outdoors? I want to try too!

    Thanks for joining in again, I’m off to think about what you can make with your bits of pots! x

    • That was pretty much my first reaction to it. I hate anything to do with teeth :-S

      I can highly recommend the peanut noodle salad, a very tasty lazy dinner. I use egg noodles instead of rice noodles though. The Winter salad is growing outdoors although I think you can grow it indoors all year round. Yum!

      Loving this weeks posts! x

  3. Lovely close ups of your garden – apart from the oooh, ewww! The shed bunting is just perfect and love that you’re using the broken glass and pots, I wouldn’t have thought to do that!

    • Thank you. I’m going to keep collecting them until I figure out what to make 🙂

  4. Love the shed bunting – very pretty 🙂 The tooth… Not so much! So glad to see some shoots on your garlic, I remember when you planted it!

    • Seems like ages ago now but it wasn’t really. I plant things and expect them to come up in a matter of days, I forget these things take time!

  5. Loving the garlic and the ladybird! Not so much loving the tooth but still very exciting to discover what it came from…:-)

  6. I love this visit to the garden. I love the bunting and especially the broken bits of crockery. I have a good collection myself. I think they were used as historic snail and slug deterrents. we made mosaics with them by glue gunning them onto canvases and also mosaic pot candles and kept the others for playing archaeologists. such treasures I think. The discovery of a tooth is pretty grim. Perfect timing for Halloween. canine? I suggest that you leave it out doors tonight incase someone comes looking for their lost tooth…

    • Using pottery as slug and snail deterrent is a really good idea. I like the sound of mosaic candle pots, might have to give that a go 🙂

  7. Can’t believe you found a tooth, that can’t have been pleasant! The crockery find looks rather interesting though, the blue bit on the far left almost looks like Spode but I can’t imagine someone would throw that away. I love how far ahead you are, how amazing to have garlic and the honeysuckle looks like it will be wonderful 🙂

    • You’re right, it does look like Spode. Well spotted! Shame it’s too small to tell for sure.

  8. I used to have a gorgeous heart-shaped fridge magnet, which someone had made from small bits of ceramic a bit like yours. I loved it….then one of the children broke it, aargh! Perils of the trade, I suppose….
    (I’m ignoring that tooth. I’m deeply traumatised by it!)

  9. Time Team – that made me laugh. Funny how a garden always churns up pottery. I think that might be Frankenweenie’s tooth, just don’t dig any more – scary!

    • I stopped digging shortly afterwards in case I found a whole set of teeth, or worse, a skull…

  10. We’ve been inundated with ladybirds too this week! Crazy! As for the tooth, I’ve really no idea but I HOPE it’s a sheep’s tooth. Your photos are lovely and I’m so pleased to see your garlic coming on. I must plant some as I’ve always wanted to grow my own x

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