Pot of red geraniums

Garden: October 2014

I can’t believe it’s October already. I’ve not spent as much time in the garden over the last couple of weeks – a combination of being busy and after pulling up lots of finished plants there hasn’t been as much to do. I do miss going out there each day but on the bright side I’ve had time to finish knitting a jumper and start making hats for The Big Knit. Picking caterpillars off the kale is still on my to-do list though.

Fading garden

Most of the flowers in the front garden have died off but there are a couple of oxeye daisies and a few bright blue cornflowers dotted around.

Fading cornflower

I went to Aldi on a hunt for cyclamen last weekend (thanks for the tip-off Iona!). I didn’t find any but I picked up 6 heather plants for £3.99. Uber bargain! They were in desperate need of some water and fresh compost but looked much better after being planted out.

Pink heather in pot

In the back garden the leeks are looking good. This is the first time I’ve grown any so I’m not really sure what I’m doing. Ignore the fact that I forgot to thin out the ones on the left – I’ll slap my own wrists later. I cannot wait to eat them. We’ll probably only have about 12 so I need to pick a recipe wisely.

Baby leeks in rows

I’m trying to get the last of the tomatoes to ripen on the windowsill as we don’t have room for any more green tomato chutney.

Green tomatoes in bowl

The purple chillies hadn’t done anything in a few weeks so I picked them. I think they are suppose to change from purple to yellow to red but they are nearly all still purple. We only get a couple of hours sun in the back garden each day now which probably hasn’t helped.

Handful of purple chillies

September has been a dry month but yesterdays rain helped the lambs lettuce seedlings spring up. This is one of our Winter crops and it’s slow growing so we’ll be waiting a while to eat it.

Row of lambs lettuce seedlings

I love love love these red geraniums! They look really bright even on miserable days.

Pot of red geraniums

After seeing some of you plant Spring bulbs over the last couple of weeks I decided I needed to get a move on. I bought this pack of crocus bulbs from Waitrose. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for hyacinth bulbs.

Crocus bulbs in brown paper bag

I look forward to Autumn and Winter so I don’t want to wish them away but I’ll miss Summer gardening over the next few months. But if the rest of the year goes just as quickly, it won’t be long before I can do it all again minus the mistakes.

18 comments on “Garden: October 2014

  1. oh…. there is fall happening for sure. and i agree, there is nothing like a spring/summer garden. i have not been in my garden as much either. we have had either rain or scolding hot days still.

    • Our days have been warm and overcast or dry and overcast with not much rain. Gardening is one of my favourite things about the Summer.

  2. Lovely Gemma – all winding down, but nice to have time for some knitting 😀 I must get my act together and get some winter crops in, and also get some bulbs! I too am looking forward to doing it all again next year, with a bit more experience under my belt. Still loads to learn though, that’s why I love this gardening lark so much I think.

    • Yes, knitting time is great. It’s hard to get into the mindset of Winter crops with this warmer weather isn’t it?

  3. I must get my bottom down to my local Waitrose for bulbs! I’ve a steely determination to get organised this year ready for Spring – for once! Bargain on the heather!

    I love how productive your garden still is – and those cornflowers and geraniums just add the perfect pop of colour. Those chillis look like they have a bit of a burn to them – enjoy!

    I’ve been googling ‘potting sheds’ this week – most excited!

    Thanks for joining in again Gemma – Happy knitting 🙂

    • I think those chillies being small means they be fiery, always seems to be the way. I would love a potting shed! Although I can imagine if I got one Scott would hardly ever see me 🙂

  4. You’re welcome-actually I’m not long home from Aldi with some heather! I too am trying to ripen the last of our tomatoes and the cornflowers are gorgeous-I’m hoping for some next year x

    • Hope you got some nice heather! We had a few different colours of cornflower this year but the blue ones are still my favourite.

  5. So much still going on! Mine has one or two flowers and that’s it now. (And the squirrels ate my aubergine, the little blighters…)

    Can’t wait to see pics of the finished jumper. xx

    • I can’t believe a squirrel ate your aubergine, I’ve never heard of that happening!! I didn’t know squirrels even ate that sort of thing. It was obviously a good one 🙂

  6. Oh, I must plant my bulbs too! Lovely to still see so much going on in your garden, we’re making very slow progress with our new garden….! #HDYGG

  7. i have never seen purple chillies before they look like something worth trying to give salads a extra dimension in colour

  8. I love the vibrancy of the blue cornflower, just perfect.
    We forgot to thin our leaks too, think it’s best we just forget about them and try again next year,opps!
    Never would have thought of Aldi for plants, such a good deal on the heather

    • Same here about plants from Aldi. I’m just letting our leeks do their thing now – but I’ll try again next year too.

  9. If you put a ripe banana close to your tomatoes it should help them to ripen …. as for the un-thinned leeks, treat them like expensive mini vegetables 😉

    • Thanks for the tip Rosie, I’ll give that a go. You didn’t end up in my spam this week, hooray! 🙂

  10. Leek and Potato Soup!!! With a naughty amount of cheese added in. My husband makes a lovely version of this and I think he adds chilli. Salivations! I’m sad that I missed that bargain on the Heather at Aldi, I wonder if they are still there…

  11. Well done on the heather from Aldi. All the plants at my local store look like they are ready for the compost bin! I haven’t got any crops in for winter. I’m such a fairweather gardener!

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