Pan of green tomatoes

Garden: September 2014 (2)

I thought I didn’t have a great deal to show this week but after a quick mooch round the garden with my camera I discovered there’s actually quite a lot going on! The dwarf buddleia is starting to flower. I got this plant free when I ordered the Buddleja Sungold.

Puple Pu

Despite being ravaged by caterpillars, the Buddleja Sungold is also doing well and it’s second flower is starting to open. Both smell as sweet as honey so I can see why the butterflies like them.

Yellow buddleja flowers

Many of the flowers in the front garden are starting to die back now, although these purple clover flowers are adding some colour. The bees really like them too.

Purple clover flower

The hydrangea petals are speckled pink – no idea what causes it but I love how it looks.

Speckled hydrangea leaves

The cornflowers are almost well and truely done. I couldn’t keep up with the amount of deadheading so I’m just letting them go to seed.

Cornflower head going to seed

I’m saving the seeds for next year – I actually really enjoy this fiddly task (I’m easily amused)! When I get home from work and walk up the garden path I have a look to see if there are any seeds to collect. If there are I whizz out with a jam jar before they get blown away or fall out.

Cornflower seeds in hand

We’ve have a very confused Winter flowering heather!

Pink and white heather

Sadly quite a few of our tomato plants got blight. I’ve never had this problem before 🙁 A few of the tomatoes started turning brown and shrivelling so rather than lose them all I picked the good ones and made some green tomato chutney. We also had a few ripe ones which were lovely roasted in garlic oil and added to pasta.

Pan of green tomatoes

The green tomato chutney has been added to my squirrelling and scoffing collection.

Jars of jam and chutney

The kale is fighting fit now the caterpillar situation is under control. I still pick a some off every few days but there are much fewer than there have been. We’ve been eating this since June and it looks like there’s plenty more to come.

Rows of bright green kale

I’ve discovered that my franken-courgettes are a variety called Patty Pan and this is how they are suppose to look!

Round courgette on plant

While most flowers in the garden are starting to fade, the geraniums are waking up.

Bright pink geranium flower

I’ve been a bit busy over the last two weeks so I still haven’t sown all my Autumn/Winter seeds. I sowed some lambs lettuce seeds and forgot to water them in(!) but despite this they are starting to poke their leaves out of the soil. Has anyone noticed a lot of spiders appearing at the moment? They’re everywhere!

16 comments on “Garden: September 2014 (2)

  1. Really enjoyed your gardening post. I grow pattypan pumpkins at our allotment and they are delicious, harvested small, sliced and fried in olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic. 🙂

    Your collection of preserves looks adorable – it may just inspire me to finally make some jam and chutney for home consumption and Christmas presents.

    • Glad you enjoyed it Iris! I’m looking forward to trying my first Patty Pan, fingers crossed the slugs don’t get to it. You can never have too many jams and chutneys in the cupboard 🙂

  2. our garden is still looking beautiful and happy Gemma. so many beautiful colors still!

  3. i meant *your garden. not ours 😉

    • Haha, I’m sure yours is looking beautiful too! As much as I’m looking forward to Autumn, I will miss the colour from the flowers.

  4. Yes, our winter flowering heather is confused too! I love buddleia, such a gorgeous smell and colour xx

  5. wow! you still have so much going on! sadly, i have gotten lazy with the garden since school started back. you make me want to go back out and try my hand at late summer/early fall gardening.

    • This will be my first year of fall gardening. Quite looking forward to it as in the past I’ve stopped at the end of Summer. Excited to get my garlic in the ground!

  6. I love your shots of the Buddleja! Your garden looks glorious even the fading flowers.

  7. My tomatoes are refusing to ripen at the moment. I love that courgette although I’m not quite sure what you would do with it.

    • Haha, me either. I don’t think it’ll be long before the slugs are all over it too :-/

  8. Bits of my garden are confused by the weather too, my kale’s going mental, runner beans back from the brink of death and producing again, rampant strawberries and happy geraniums. I love that speckled hydrangea effect, a bit like someone’s added drop to water isn’t it?

    Those buddlejas are lovely, all the ones round this way seemed to die off a few weeks ago so it’s nice to see some blooming 🙂

    Thanks for joining in again Gemma xx

    • I think it’s been a good year for kale – the hot weather gave it a good start and it just keeps on going. Our strawberries were disappointing this year, glad to hears yours are doing well. Hopefully you’ve managed to eat some of your beans and Kitty hasn’t fed them all to the guinea pigs 🙂

  9. Oh green tomato chutney – good idea! Your jars look fab! I must get seed collecting too – we planted loads of Sunflowers out at our yurts this Spring, so I am hoping to collect them and never have to buy sunflower seeds again. We also planted lavender in the yurt facility borders, and I have none in my garden, so I guess I can simply collect the seeds from there and sow! Is it just a case of keeping them dry?

    • If I didn’t make chutney I don’t know what I’d do with all the greenies! I planned to grow sunflowers this year but ran out of time and space. The few I did plant got gobbled by slugs. Yes – keep them dry and sealed in a cool place and they should be fine. Your yurts sound like heaven 🙂

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